One thought on “Mail Call Mondays Season 2 #49 – Semi-Autos in Precision Matches”

  1. Mr. McQuay,
    This video has put back on the fence with regards to building a bolt or semi rifle.
    The bolt rifle has the advantage of being cheaper to build and better for reloading.
    The gas gun has quicker follow up shots, but the main reason I like the AR(mega maten) platform is a quick barrel change and you can have different caliber. In this case it would be 260rem barrel.
    Besides reloading and cost can you think of other good reasons to go with the bolt gun?
    Are you still happy with the 16″ barrel on your maten or would of 18/20″ been better? What’s the weight of your maten with the 16″ barrel?
    The 2 projects I’m looking at:(this will pull duty as a tactical rifle and hunting Hogs/Deer)
    Mega Arms MATEN 308 with 18″ match barrel, PRS, SSA trigger. about $2100
    Remington 700 ADL 308+ XLR Chassis, Timney trigger, factory 24″ barrel, about $1300

    Thanks for your input plus the time and effort you put into 8541 Tactical. It’s a great source of “practical” information.

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