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Magnetospeed T1000 Target Hit Indicator

One of the most enjoyable parts of shooting precision rifles is hearing the “ring” of a steel target. Unfortunately, there are a lot of environmental conditions that may make hearing that glorious sound difficult. Not hearing or seeing your impacts during a practice session can be frustrating. A spotter not seeing them during a match can cost points and possibly a win.

There are several target hit indicating products on the market, but I have not seen any that are as compact and easy to setup as the Magnetospeed T1000. The T1000 is a self-contained unit that is actually designed from the start to be left in the field. With the T1000 there is no need to send runners out to each target on “Day 2” to replace the gear. Continue reading Magnetospeed T1000 Target Hit Indicator

Challenge Targets Stake-N-Shoot 8″ Popper Review

ChallengeTargets_20140313_T3i_005_1080_2I love steel targets. If you have read our blog or reviews for any amount of time, this should be apparent. When shooting steel close up with a handgun or carbine you get instant, gratifying feedback of the shot. There is no need to paste any shot holes between shooters and you don’t even have to paint them if you don’t want to. Long range rifle shooters benefit in a visual cue when the bullet splashes on the target face. This can be seen a much greater distances than a small shot hole in cardboard. If the shooter is unable to spot the impact of the bullet, they can generally hear the ring of the plate roll back from downrange.

This week we look at the Stake-N-Shoot 8″ Popper target from Challenge Targets. I came across the Stake-N-Shoot targets while browsing the MidwayUSA website. I contacted Challenge Targets and they were happy to send over one of their 8″ Stake-N-Shoot Poppers for us to review. The Stake-N-Shoot Popper is similar to other poppers on the market in that they are 3/8″ AR500 steel. The Challenge Targets are laser cut and have very clean edges. The 8″ Stake-N-Shoot popper is 20″ tall and 8″ wide. This size makes it a very versatile precision rifle target for 100-800 yard use. Continue reading Challenge Targets Stake-N-Shoot 8″ Popper Review

The Last Stand Review

I love shooting steel targets. Shooting steel gives you a visual and audible indication that your bullet connected. Unfortunately steel target systems are usually heavy and sometimes expensive. Last Stand LLC has a solution. The Last Stand is a set of two molded plastic brackets. When combined with six 1/2″ rebar rods made of Elgiloy Hastelloy B, they construct an A-frame swing set type target stand. The height of the a-frame can be adjusted by varying the length of rebar inserted through the bracket. This also allows a range of adjustment for angled ground. Continue reading The Last Stand Review