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ShootSteel.com 36″ Gong Stand and Magnum Auto Popper Review

ShootSteel.com 36" Gong StandI shoot a lot of steel. It’s fun to hear it ring, but it is even more enjoyable to see it move. Gongs are the least expensive way to add some motion to your target and support it at the same time. ShootSteel.com has a great setup that handles this with ease.

Recently my range time has gotten shorter and shorter. I need to get in, get done and get out quickly. Setup and teardown time often determines what target system I choose to shoot. When ShootSteel.com sent us one of their 36″x36″ Gong Stands and 10″ AR500 target, the first thing I wanted to see was how quick I could set it up. It actually took longer for me to cut the tape and unpack the boxes than it did to setup the stand and hang the gong. Continue reading ShootSteel.com 36″ Gong Stand and Magnum Auto Popper Review

The Last Stand Review

I love shooting steel targets. Shooting steel gives you a visual and audible indication that your bullet connected. Unfortunately steel target systems are usually heavy and sometimes expensive. Last Stand LLC has a solution. The Last Stand is a set of two molded plastic brackets. When combined with six 1/2″ rebar rods made of Elgiloy Hastelloy B, they construct an A-frame swing set type target stand. The height of the a-frame can be adjusted by varying the length of rebar inserted through the bracket. This also allows a range of adjustment for angled ground. Continue reading The Last Stand Review