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First Look: McMillan A6 Fiberglass Stock

McMillan is well known for their high-quality fiberglass stocks. My experience with McMillan products began when I was issued an M40A1 Sniper Rifle in the US Marine Corps. Since then, I have grown to respect the quality and durability that McMillan builds into their products. When McMillan offered me the chance to look at their latest stock design, I quickly accepted.

The McMillan A6 is an evolution of their tactical rifle stock lineage. The A6 in silhouette appears very similar to the A5 or A3-5. However, there are some key differences. Continue reading First Look: McMillan A6 Fiberglass Stock

Promag Archangel AK Adjustable Stock Set

We just got a nice box of goodies from Promag containing a new Archangel AK Adjustable stock set. I was excited enough to shoot a little video. This is a quality, solid feeling stock. It is pretty heavy duty and confidence inspiring. Can’t wait to get it on our WASR 10 and take it out to the range!