Promag Archangel AK Adjustable Stock Set

We just got a nice box of goodies from Promag containing a new Archangel AK Adjustable stock set. I was excited enough to shoot a little video. This is a quality, solid feeling stock. It is pretty heavy duty and confidence inspiring. Can’t wait to get it on our WASR 10 and take it out to the range!

8 thoughts on “Promag Archangel AK Adjustable Stock Set”

  1. I just recently found your site, and you are doing such a fantastic job conveying so much info that I just had to make a donation!
    I have a question: I have some H380 powder that is probably 30 years old, and a Hodgdon #22 Manual that lists loads using the H380 for various 223 Rem loads. Since it’s nearly impossible to get powder these days, is there any reason to NOT use this data, given that the powder and data is the same vintage? The H380 doesn’t appear in current load data anywhere that I’ve found.
    I’m in the process of acquiring a Colt LE6940 AR and I would like to be able to actually shoot it a little bit!

  2. On the Promag Ak adjustable stock video. When you open the package that you got in the mail. I saw that their was no screws with the stock that you got. I am wondering how you got them on the later video, because I just bought that stock and it had no screws with my stock. Can you let me know how you got from Promag or tell me what size the screws are I would appreciate it thanks.

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