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Danger Close Armament Signature GLOCK 19 Unboxing

While browsing the aisles at TriggrCon in Tacoma, WA several months ago, we had a chance to talk to the guys at Danger Close Armament. They had several examples of their custom work on display. I was immediately attracted to their stippling and frame modifications on the Glock family of handguns.

Not too long after I returned home, I sent off a brand new and un-fired Glock 19 for DCA to work their magic on. After a short conversation with the guys at Danger Close, we lined out what options they would apply to their “Signature” package. Continue reading Danger Close Armament Signature GLOCK 19 Unboxing

Inforce APLc Glock Pistol Light Review

Years ago, it was uncommon to see someone outside of the military or Law Enforcement carrying a handgun with a weapon light. As lights became more compact and less expensive, they became much more common. More and more citizens began to add weapon lights to their concealed carry handguns. Inforce has released a new product to make this even easier.

Traditionally, adding a weapon light to your favorite compact handgun also added unwanted bulk and made it less comfortable to conceal. Lights add some significant length if not also thickness to a pistol. Inforce solved this by taking one of the most popular concealed carry handguns, the Glock 19, and designing a weapon light to fill the empty space under the dust cover. Continue reading Inforce APLc Glock Pistol Light Review