Danger Close Armament Signature GLOCK 19 Unboxing

While browsing the aisles at TriggrCon in Tacoma, WA several months ago, we had a chance to talk to the guys at Danger Close Armament. They had several examples of their custom work on display. I was immediately attracted to their stippling and frame modifications on the Glock family of handguns.

Not too long after I returned home, I sent off a brand new and un-fired Glock 19 for DCA to work their magic on. After a short conversation with the guys at Danger Close, we lined out what options they would apply to their “Signature” package.

DCA Level 2 forward cocking serrations and "Shooter's Ledge" frame modification.
DCA Level 2 forward cocking serrations and “Shooter’s Ledge” frame modification.

The DCA Signature Series package starts with their “Level 1” slide milling. This will add forward cocking serrations to your slide. While many companies will cut through the roll marks on the slide, Danger Close modifies the cocking serrations to retain the factory markings.

Customers can step up to “Level 2” which adds pockets to the side of the slide between the front and rear serrations. “Level 3” adds the “Bombs and Bolt” logo and a 45-degree chamfer on the edges. “Level 3.5” is what we went with. This adds everything from the previous levels and adds serrations on the top of the slide. Since our Glock is an MOS model, the serrations are only applied forward of the ejection port.

The forward cocking serrations are a significant feature for me. They allow me to manipulate my handgun in a much more efficient manner than the rear serrations. I am moving to the point that anything other than my “Production Division” Glocks will have serrations milled into their slides.

The slide work is lovely, but the details on the DCA Signature Series frame modifications are what really set it apart. Anyone can take a wood burner to a polymer frame. Few can do it with the attention to detail that Danger Close Armament has applied to this G19. The frame stipping is very aggressive with large voids. However, the tops of the voids have been smoothed over. The large voids allow your skin to sink in and form a mechanical lock when gripped. The smoothed edges make the aggressive pattern much easier on your skin. You are far less likely to wear out clothing, car upholstery or your abdomen with this treatment.The crew at Danger Close applies a very clear border to their stippling that really gives the pistol a clean look. Currently, the only way to get the “Signature”

The crew at Danger Close applies a very clear border to their stippling that really gives the pistol a clean look. Currently, the only way to get the “Signature” frame work is with the full Signature Series package. DCA is not accepting customer supplied frames for stippling.

Our Signature Series G19 had several additional options applied to it. One of the most visible additions is the “Shooter’s Ledge”. This is a cut and stippled area on the frame just forward of the slide lock. It is a functional addition that gives a positive reference point for the support side thumb. The indent is deep enough that you can apply some downward force to reduce muzzle rise during rapid shot strings.

Danger Close also outfitted our G19 with the “Shooter’s Cut” bevel on the frame behind the trigger. This gives just a little more clearance for the trigger finger when gloved up or for shooters with larger hands.

Finally, we opted for the two-tone frame package. I felt that with all the work going into the frame, the contrasting colors would help it to stand out. Besides, all out other Glocks are black and we needed some variety!

While internally, this is still a stock Glock 19, the external modifications will keep it stuck to my hand and allow me to manipulate the slide in the manner than I have become accustomed to. In the future, we will be adding suppressor sights, a RMR, and some internal parts to truly make this a full-custom Glock.

How do you feel about custom Glocks? Do you find it silly to spend that much money on a plastic pistol or do you feel that it is no different than the scores of custom 1911 pistols that are so common these days? Please drop a comment below!

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