Magnetospeed M-Series Grip Review

Magnetospeed M-Series Grip with DryBox installed.
Magnetospeed M-Series Grip with DryBox installed.

After using many AR15 grips, I have come to the conclusion that grip choice often just boils down to personal preference. It has become hard for me to get excited about a new grip, but Magnetospeed has my interest with their new M-Series Grip. This is a grip that adds some utility to your rifle.

The M-Series grip is a well thought out AR15 pattern grip. The angle is somewhat less than the A2 grip. The front of the grip has vertical ribs and the rear has horizontal ribs. The texturing on the side of the grip panel is fairly aggressive. There should be no need to stipple the M-Series Grip in this location.

One interesting detail to note is that the M-Series Grip has a section at the top of the backstrap that has been left smooth. This is not a defect. Texturing at this location does little to enhance your grip, but it will increase wear on your gloves and the web of your thumb.

I installed the M-Series grip on a lightweight AR15 to test the handling properties. Overall the grip felt great. The highest praise I can give to an AR15 grip is that I don’t really notice it when I am using the rifle. This was the case with the M-Series grip. With or without gloves on, the grip performed well.

As a grip alone, the M-Series Grip would just be another option in a market already flooded with AR15 grips. However, Magnetospeed took this a step further. The M-Series Grip uses replaceable modules to add storage and features to the grip.

The M-Series Grip ships with the DryBOX module. The DryBOX, is a gasket sealed plastic box. You can easily store a few extra cartridges, matches or a small survival kit. One immediate use I can see is to store a copy of the ATF Paperwork for silencers, short barrel rifles, etc. The DryBOX is a simple design but appears to work well.

Many grip systems will allow you to stash away a few extra 5.56 cartridges, but Magnetospeed took this to the next level. The M-Series Grip will accommodate the MiniMAG.

The MiniMAG is a fully functioning AR15 magazine that is designed to hold three 5.56 NATO or .300 BLK catridges. It is designed to be drop-free in mil-spec receivers and will engage the bolt stop when empty. The MiniMAG seats securely inside the M-Series Grip and ejects into the hand when the release on the toe of the grip is pressed.

I would not want to go into a fight with a three round magazine, but it is better than fighting with an empty rifle. Gunfighting is not really the intended use of the MiniMAG. The MiniMAG is much better suited to survival situations where three rounds may help to signal help when lost/injured in the woods. It also may be a viable option for hunting in areas where magazine capacity is limited.

The next module in the Magnetospeed M-Series Grip line is the MiniLIGHT. The MiniLight is a compact LED flashlight, powered by one CR123 battery. The MiniLIGHT may be compact, but it is loaded with features. The gray button on the light activates the white LED and selects the brightness or mode. The red button turns on two red LEDs that are perfect for close up tasks while maintaining night vision. The standard brightness level for the white LED is 100 Lumes. A temporary 300 Lumen “overdrive” may be accessed when a lithium battery is used.

The bottom of the MiniLIGHT contains a high powered magnet that will attach to the included Picatinny rail adapter, hat clip or any number of metal items that happen to be close by. The MiniLIGHT rail adapter easily slides on rails without tools and allows you to attach the MiniLIGHT to the forend of your rifle. While the MiniLIGHT is not designed to be a weapon light, it could be used that way in an emergency. The true value of the adapter is to be able to allow you to keep both hands on your rifle while navigating in low light.

The MiniLIGHT also comes with a handy hat clip. The clip worked well and gives you another hands-free option if you don’t want your light attached to your rifle. It is perfect for camp chores that require both hands.

The last, and possibly most useful module available for the M-Series Grip is the MonoPOD. The MonoPOD slots into the M-Series Grip just like the other modules, however, it adds approximately one inch to the overall length of the grip. The MonoPOD is an excellent option when using a bipod equipped rifle where carrying a rear support bag would be cumbersome.

Deploying the MonoPOD is a simple, one-handed operation. The MonoPOD has a coarse and fine stage for elevation adjustment. To access the coarse stage, you press the release button on the toe of the M-Series Grip. Then pull down on the MonoPOD. The MonoPOD will latch on a secondary detent and lockout. If a finer level of adjustment is needed, you can press the red button on the adjustment wheel and the fine tune screw will pop out. Turning the thumbwheel will adjust the length of the screw, but the screw will not rotate. This prevents the MonoPOD from “walking” off of the target. When fully extended the MonoPOD will yield approximately four inches of elevation.

Stowing the MonoPOD is quickly accomplished by pressing the red button on the thumbwheel and collapsing the fine tune screw. The coarse adjustment can be closed by pressing the red lever on the back of the MonoPOD. If you wish to completely remove the MonoPOD, you have to press the button on the toe of the M-Series Grip, extend the coarse stage, then press the toe button again to remove the MonoPOD.

Using the monopod was simple and allowed for more precise shots than with the bipod alone. This will be especially useful on the AR15 where a standard capacity magazine will place the buttstock too high to support with your hand alone.

The Magnetospeed M-Series Grip works well when used alone. When paired with one of the many optional modules, it becomes a great addition to the AR platform or any compatible rifle chassis.

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