Exclusive First look at the Borka Tools Adjustable Torque Driver (ATD-EFK)

We have been using the new Borka Tools Adjustable Torque Driver-Expanded Field Kit for about a week now. This is one slick little tool. Everything from the pouch it comes in to the hard chrome plated bits have been very well though out and cleanly executed. This tool will most likely reign supreme as my favorite “gun” tool on the bench! Keep your eyes peeled. There will be a group buy coming soon!

5 thoughts on “Exclusive First look at the Borka Tools Adjustable Torque Driver (ATD-EFK)”

  1. Liked the video, looks to be a great tool kit. The best thing is WHERE DO I GET ONE OF THOSE SHIRTS????????

  2. Nice for a target rifle but Sniper rifles are getting way to complicate if you need a tool like this to maintain it. Operators need accurate rifles that are easy to maintain in a combat scenario.

    1. Even the most basic rifle is held into the stock by fasteners. From time to time, those fasteners need to be torqued. Proper torque is critical to accuracy. Every Sniper Platoon I have ever heard of has deployed with a torque wrench.

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