QALO Silicone Ring Review

QALO RingFrom time to time we come across some cool stuff that is not really firearms related. When it crosses into the military/LE/high adventure lifestyle we like to let our readers know about it. The QALO line of rings fit that bill.

I am happily married to a wonderful woman, and I take my commitment very seriously. The visible sign of that commitment is my wedding band. Unfortunately a metal wedding band has some safety drawbacks. If it becomes entangled in fast moving metal (weapons, vehicles, lathes, etc.) it can result in de-gloving your finger. If it is crushed, it can case an amputation. None are things that I care to experience. Even a rather slow-paced activity like rock or mountain climbing can result in a serious problem if the ring catches, but the body keeps moving. For these reasons, many men and women choose to go without a wedding band.

After almost fifteen years of wearing a wedding band, I feel naked without one. I usually find myself still wearing my ring when I may not have been prudent to do so. Thanks to my loving Wife, I no longer have to choose between wearing a ring or loosing a finger.

Just before Valentine’s Day my Wife presented me with a little jewelry box. Instead of some shiny chunk of metal, it contained a little zippered mesh bag. Inside the bag was a squishy black QALO ring. I was a little underwhelmed at first, but after wearing it off and on for several months, I love it!

QALO (pronounced “kay-lo”) is an acronym for “Quality-Athletics-Love-Outdoors”. Their bands are made of 100% medical grade silicone. The QALO ring has a good deal of stretch to it. This means it does not have to be perfectly fit to your hand like a metal band. No more wondering if I am going to get the ring off after my hands swell while backpacking. Since the ring is flexible, when it catches on something, it is more likely to roll than to catch and dig in. On the odd chance you hook it with enough force to injure your finger, it will likely break the band and save you from harm.

The only drawback I have found to the QALO ring is that it can add some traction in instances where you really don’t want it. It can grab a little when you let a steering wheel slide through your hand, or when putting on a jacket. It also seem to slip around a little more while washing my hands. I have worried about loosing it down the drain more than once, but it always seems to hang on.

My QALO ring mid-gym climbing session.

Loosing or damaging your QALO ring doesn’t have to be a worry. Most of the QALO rings are in the $20-25 range. This is a considerable savings over the first $380 wedding band I lost in the snow as a rookie cop. You can buy one to wear and one as a backup should you tear up your daily driver.

I still enjoy wearing my fancy titanium wedding band when I am going out or being lazy. The QALO band is my go-to when I am working, running and gunning, or just climbing plastic at the rock gym. After almost three months of wear, it still looks new.

QALO rings are available in a variety of sizes and come in .85 cm (men’s) and .50 cm (women’s) widths. To find your size and order, head over to the QALO website.


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