4 thoughts on “Mail Call Mondays Season 3 #5 – My Match Rifle (AE MkII)”

  1. G’day from Sydney, love your work. Any hats yet? Got to ask, I can not decide schmidt and bender 5 25×56 or steiner 5-25×56 mil msr?
    Thank you

  2. Hi John, “Bravo Zulu” on 8541-Tactical. excellent content, professionally produces and very informative. I’m impressed, if you don’t like something you say it. Your honest, no B.S. reviews of equipment is refreshing.
    You have a lot of experience as a long range shooter and competitor. My question is: For those of us who have never attended a long range rifle competition, would you consider putting together a Mail Call Monday that walks us thru a competitive match? How it’s put together and run. If this could be done as you actually compete in a match it would be all the more interesting. Maybe voice over your though process as you progress thru the stages.
    Thanks for service in the Marine Corps and keep making the Videos. “Get Out and Shoot” OoRah…

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