Mail Call Mondays Season 3 #4 – 308 Limitations and Doing Your Homework

This week’s Mail Call Mondays was inspired by a post on one of the many Facebook gun pages. It pointed out to me that often new shooters will pickup something a Firearms Instructor has said without actually understanding the math and theory behind it. When this occurs it is easy to get the idea out of context.

This week we look at the benefits and limitations of the .308 Winchester cartridge and what happens when you try to go too short on barrel length.

7 thoughts on “Mail Call Mondays Season 3 #4 – 308 Limitations and Doing Your Homework”

  1. This is exactly the reason i watch this. I am new to shooting and wanted to start hunting so i picked a .308 because it was small enough for a deer but big enough for an elk or moose. Now i am a little more experienced and like to see how far i can shoot and improvements i can make to get better accuracy. Love everything about this show and the only thing i want more of is the skills videos. Keep up the good work.

  2. Spot on, no BS and the facts on how and why. Keep up the good work John.
    Oh by the way Poison next we’ll be seeing you in a Van Halen T-shirt.

  3. Travis Hailey on art of the precision rifle shot 1-mile with a 16” gas gun specifically a larue OBR and hit 16” plates. Short and Stiff barrels is the name of the game right around 18”-22” for a .308 you will get your best internal ballistics with that. but taking 2” off a barrel will not prevent you from being able to shoot 1,000 yds the bullet does not have to be supersonic to be able to engage targets at that range. At one mile the .308 they were testing out at accuracy first in west texas was the larue OBR with a 175 grain SMK and it still had enough energy to completely penetrate through a pigs carcass. DO YOUR RESEARCH

    1. Do you know how many takes it required to get the finished product you saw on the video? Did you do your research? How about taking a 16″ .308 to the range and see what results you get. Also do not forget to factor in elevation. IIRC Accuracy 1st is at about 2500′ ASL. Your results will be worse at sea level and better at 5000′.

  4. Strong work on videos john, I have my lower built on my MATEN 308 and I am really hum-hawing around with barrel length. Digging all of the stuff you talking about. Nice video.

  5. Hy John, it’s Adi from France. The 308 is allowed in France since september 2014. For French shooter an hunter, it’s a great calibre. Not very expensive, a lot of configurations. A precision, in France we are limited to 300m shoot. For french people, the 308 win is a revolutionnary calibre. IPersonnaly, i think it’s not a revolutionnary calibre (i prefere 6mm) but… it’s a good calibre in good’shands. ps (sorry for my english) 😉

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