SHOT Show 2014 Day 2

imageWe spent most of Day 2 with Mile High Shooting Accessories and Accuracy International North America. Scott Sigmund was nice enough to walk us through the improvements to the AX308 system. The AX308 now boasts most of the features of the Accuracy International PSR rifle, but in a short action package. The whole rifle can be broken down into a “carry on” sized hard case. This opens up a vast number of options for professional snipers or even the average competitive shooter who has to shoehorn a rifle into a compact rental car.

imageThe AX308 features a fully adjustable buttstock that folds to the right to capture the bolt handle. This reduces the width of the overall package. A great option when storing the rifle in a scabbard. The barrel is removable by loosening one single screw in the side of the action. This may seem problematic at first. However after installing the barrel hand tight, then snugging down the hex lock, it would take over 90 ft/lbs of force with a standard action wrench and barrel vise to remove the barrel. Loosening the hex lock allows the barrel to be removed with your bare hands.

The forend tube of the AX308 uses Accuracy International’s KeySlot system. A number of accessories are available and can be placed along the tube, including a mount for the Harris style Bipods. The forend is quickly removable by two captured screws in the palm rest. All adjustments and field removable fasteners on the AX308 can be addressed with the included hex key. When not in use the key stows in the buttstock assembly under the cheek piece.

20140115-094632.jpgOverall the AX308 appears to be a well though out system that can be adapted for a variety of missions or competitions. They systems should be shipping to distributors in the first quarter of 2014.

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  1. Did you make it over to Spartan Precision Rifle and say hi to Marc. He is located in the building next door with the military/law enforcement side.

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