Bushnell Fusion 1 Mile ARC – First Look

IMG_2994The sound of the UPS truck is always a welcome break to the work day. This time Big Brown brought us some love from Bushnell Tactical in the form of the new Fusion 1 Mile binoculars. The Fusion 1 Mile comes in three favors (8x , 10×42 and 12x). All three are equipped with a built in LASER rangefinder. Bushnell sent us the “just right” 10x42mm variety.

The Bushnell Fusion 1 Mile binoculars are advertised to be able to range a reflective target at 1760 yards. I am greatly looking forward to testing these claims. Right out of the box, my first impression is that these are a rugged set of binoculars. Bushnell was nice enough to include a set of Butler Creek caps and a well made padded neck strap.

Once we have had a chance to get them out into the field we will complete a full review.
Street Price, approximately $1200


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  1. hey john
    did you get chance to use these binos more? how are they holding up and how precise they are? also do they actually work out to a mile? sorry if you have done the review already i didnt see it on your website. thanks for the great videos.

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