AR15 Build Box

AR15 Build BoxFor some of us, building an AR15 is routine. We have boxes of small parts laying about in a semi-organized manner. When it’s time to build, out come the tupperware containers and armorers tools. For a new builder it may seem a little daunting to keep those parts organized until it is time to assemble. It may be difficult to look at the pile of parts and determine if anything is missing. Paul Scott at has the answer.

The AR15 Build Box is a simple nondescript white cardboard box. When you open it, the simple utility is apparent. The AR15 Build Box contains a high density blue foam that is precisely cut to hold and protect your components. As you purchase each part for your build you can slip it into its own pocket in the Build Box. A simple glance will show you what major components you still need.

AR15 Build Box

The AR15 Build Box is designed to accommodate a wide variety of configurations. The pockets are cut to accept parts for your adjustable stock SBR to a full 20″ fixed stock rifle.

The cost of the AR15 Build Box is $19.97. While this may seem expensive at first, when compared to the components it will be keeping safe, you can see it is a minimal investment. The AR15 Build Box can be used over and over again for future products to spread that cost out over future build. We all know with the AR15, one is never enough.

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