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TacLites M600 Heavy Utility Flashlight Review

TacLites_20131213_T3i_008_1080The flashlight has been a core tool for Law Enforcement and Military personnel since it was first patented in 1899. Since then, the cardboard tube and bulky batteries have evolved into a countless number of designs. Some are cheaply made, disposable junk. Some are finely machined tools. The TacLites Flashlights fall into the latter category.

TacLites sent us one of their finely crafted M600 Heavy Utility Flashlights (HUF) to evaluate. The flashlight body is constructed of 6061 Aluminum and aggressively grooved to provide a sure grip. The body is 1″ diameter in order to fit many weapon mount options. Our test model was black anodized, but KG Guncoat finish is also available.

TacLites uses a “p60” style drop in LED module. This offers a wide variety of beam color and intensity options. Out test model came equipped with a Cree XM-L2 emitter and three power options (5%, 30%, 100%). At full power the light is rated at 800 Lumens.

While we don’t have any method to test the actual lumen output of a flashlight, I found that the TacLites M600 was the brightest of all of my handheld lights. The full-power setting easily illuminated 100-200 yard targets. Continue reading TacLites M600 Heavy Utility Flashlight Review