Kwikguard Rail Covers

Kwikguard Rail Covers
Kwikguard Rail Covers

Railed hand guards are a great means to mount accessories to a rifle. However they can get in the way when you don’t need them. They can tear up gear and barricades if they are not covered. Additionally the rails can be damaged to the point that they no longer accept accessories.

Kwikguard Rail Covers are a simple way to keep your rails safe when not in use. They are made in the USA and come in a variety of lengths and colors. Continue reading Kwikguard Rail Covers

Caldwell AR-15 Brass Catcher Review

The more we shoot semi-auto rifles, the more we long for a way to keep track of that valuable brass. We recently reviewed the 3Bucc Brass Savr. It is an excellent, although slightly pricey way to catch the brass ejected from your AR15 and large frame AR. Once we published that review we received a number of requests for cheaper solution. Continue reading Caldwell AR-15 Brass Catcher Review

Working on the T-Shirts!

Rifle Girl Graphic

I am gratified to see how many of you have requested that we sell t-shirts with our logo on them. We have started some work on the project. We hope to offer them in Sand and Black. The preliminary design will have our “Rifle Girl” logo on the front and the “Get Out and Shoot” motto on the back. As soon as we get a proof back from the shop we will post it here and on our Facebook page. We don’t have any pricing yet, but we will make them as reasonable as possible.

AK47 versus AR15 – What’s best for you?

AK or AR? Which is better? The argument goes on and on and on. Both platforms have been in the hands of warriors for decades. They have been on both sides of the fight for freedom and oppression. These rifles have evolved from simple battle implements to railed and accessorized monstrosities.

In our comparison I refuse to conclude which rifle is “best”. I am more concerned with helping you to determine what rifle may be best suited to your specific situation. I own both rifles and feel that either would be well suited to most legally justifiable civilian engagements. However both are designed with slightly different roles in mind and both have slightly different strengths. Hopefully we will eventually get back to the days of the “cheap” AK.

Promag Archangel AK Adjustable Stock Set

We just got a nice box of goodies from Promag containing a new Archangel AK Adjustable stock set. I was excited enough to shoot a little video. This is a quality, solid feeling stock. It is pretty heavy duty and confidence inspiring. Can’t wait to get it on our WASR 10 and take it out to the range!

CTK Precision P3 Ultimate Monopod Review

CTK Precision P3 Ultimate Monopod
CTK Precision P3 Ultimate Monopod

There are quite a few monopod options on the market today. Most require you to add some type of rail or attachment to your buttstock. The P3 Ultimate Monopod from CTK Precision does not. It attaches quickly to the rear sling stud found on most basic rifle stocks. This is a great option for the shooter with an agency issued rifle, or any shooter who doesn’t want a monopod on their rifle all the time. Continue reading CTK Precision P3 Ultimate Monopod Review

3Bucc Brass-Savr Brass Catcher Review

3Bucc Brass-Savr
3Bucc Brass-Savr

I really enjoy shooting AR15 rifles. They are low-recoil and high fun. What I hate is picking up the brass that they throw to the ends of the firing line. With ammunition and reloading components in short supply I am fanatical about picking up my brass. This used to be a very time consuming process on the concrete firing lines and almost impossible if the grass had not been recently mowed. During local matches I would almost always loose a handful of cases. Not any more! Continue reading 3Bucc Brass-Savr Brass Catcher Review

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