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2011 Home Page Posts

This page contains previous update posts from our hompage from 2011. If you are looking for the current home page, please click the "Home" link above.

(12.30.11) SHOT Show Update

The 2012 Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show is in the books. We are still recovering and following up on new contacts. If everyone comes through, then this is going to be a great year for tactical rifle and scope reviews. We have a pile of videos posted on our YouTube Channel and we are working on a wrap up video. Thanks to all of the company reps that took the time to talk to us. This SHOT Show was a learning experience for us. It was the first time we attempted to shoot video at the show. We figured out a couple of tricks to make it go a bit smoother next year. We will have the write up posted soon.

(12.19.11) KRG Whiskey-3 Chassis System Video

We recently completed our review of the Whiskey-3 Chassis system. This is a novel new chassis from Kinetic Research Group. The Whiskey-3 offers a substantial pistol grip, fully adjustable pull and comb and many other useful features. It is a "drop in" installation for any short action Remington 700. We will be reviewing the folding stock update soon.

(12.04.11) Bushnell Elite Tactical 6-24x50 Mil/Mil

Bushnell Outdoor Products was kind enough to send us one of their new Elite Tactical riflescopes. Bushnell has recently updated their product line with several scopes featuring first focal plane mil reticles and matching 0.1 mRad turrets. These scopes are well suited to LE Sniper use as well as "tactical" type competitions. We did the standard evaluation in our "Part 1" video. In "Part 2" we got a little rough with the scope to see what kind of abuse it would stand up to. Don't forget to jump over to our YouTube Channel to check out Part 2.

(11.11.11) Happy Veteran's Day

As you go about your routine today remember why it's called Veteran's Day. Remember those who have died to forge a country from a colony. Remember those who have died to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Remember those who have sacrificed life and limb so their brothers and sisters could make it home. Pray that our society can continue to breed selfless warriors to carry on the fight. Thank you to my brothers and sisters in arms. No society can exist without warriors to protect it.

(11.10.11) Happy Birthday Marines!!

236 Years of Honor, Courage and Commitment. Happy Birthday to the finest fighting force in the world. SEMPER FIDELIS MARINES!!!!

(10.21.11) ADM RECON-S QD Mount Review

There seems to be a fascination with quick release mounts on rifles these days. We see them on all manner of rifles. The question is always, "How well do they hold zero." We decided to test just that. (read more)

(10.13.11) CADEX Defence AI Fore-End Rail

If you need a way to hang a clip-on NVD, light and/or laser on your AI Chassis, the CADEX rail is worth a look. This is an extremely sturdy piece, ready for duty in any environment. (read more)

(10.13.11) "Send It.."

A short creative video. The rifle pictured is an Accuracy International AE MkII (7.62x51mm) with a set of Victor Company Viperskins installed. The scope is a Bushnell 6-24x Elite Tactical in a ADM RECON mount.
(Play in HD)

(10.10.11) Victor Company USA "Viperskins"

This week we have review Viperskins, a new product from Victor Company USA. Viperskins are a replacement stockside set for Accuracy International Chassis Systems, AE and AW rifles. The Viperskins replace the factory AI thumb hole with a pistol grip configuration. (read more)

(09.30.11) XLR Industries Evolution Chassis

After several long months we have finally completed our review of the XLR Industries Evolution Chassis system. This is a very well thought out and constructed aluminum chassis. Our evaluation model was for the Remington 700 short action. XLR has versions for Savage, Tikka and many other popular bolt action rifles. (read more)

(10.01.11) Revision Photochromic Hellfly Update

We just shot a short video today showing the automatic tinting on the Revision Hellfly Photochromic glasses. I have been wearing these daily for several months now and they are excellent. They always seem to be at the correct tint level for the prevailing light. (read more)

(09.22.11) "Budget Precision" Project - Part 4

Part 4 of our "Budget Precision" Project is now up. In this episode we demonstrate how to get a little more out of your factory Hogue stock. We then show you how simple it is to replace the factory stock with a Bell & Carlson M40 Style.

(07.22.11) Vortex Extreme Invitational Rifle Match (photo courtesy of Vortex Optics)

-Press Release-

Vortex optics held its inaugural Vortex Extreme Invitational July 16, at Spirit Ridge Rifle Golf near Tremonton Utah and the event was everything claimed in the invitation. It tested long range shooting skills, it was physically challenging and it was hot. (Read More)

(07.19.11) "Budget Precision" Project - Part 3

We have completed the video component to our "Budget Precision" Project - Part 3. In this episode we demonstrate how to zero the riflescope and what kind of accuracy you can expect from the Remington 700 SPS Tactical AAC-SD in it's factory form.

(05.14.11) Bolt Manipulation Video

Some time things as simple as throwing the bolt on your rifle can be taken for granted. We took some time and made a short video detailing three different methods of running the bolt. Try them out and see if you can find a place for them in your training toolbox. As a bonus we outlined how to execute a chamber check. This is something that is often overlooked on a bolt action rifle.

(04.24.11) SIG Blaser Tactical 2 Review

A friend called us up and asked if we would be interested in sending some rounds downrange through a new rifle he had in. Of course we couldn't say no. While our time was short, we decided to shoot some video and describe some features of this interesting rifle. Please check out our YouTube Channel to watch this video in HD.

(03.23.11) Budget Precision Rifle Build Series

This will be the first installment of the Budget Precision Rifle Build. We will be starting with a factory fresh Remington 700 SPS Tactical AAC-SD. The first steps will be installing and zeroing the optic. We will then progress through getting the most out of the factory platform. Once we have documented the accuracy the basic rifle is capable of, we will begin upgrading components until the system has reached its accuracy limit. (Read More)

(03.24.11) Howard Leight Impact Sport Review

We recently took some time to do a quick review of the Howard Leight Impact Sport hearing protection. These are very popular with tactical shooters due to their low price and quality features. We couldn't resist picking up a set for ourselves.

(03.15.11) Revision Hellfly Eyewear

Recently we received several sets of eyepro from Revision Eyewear. Included were the Hellfly. I have been wearing these for several weeks and find them to be very comfortable. We have just uploaded the initial review. (Read More)

(03.13.11) Altas Bipod and AI Spigot Adapter Review

We have finally posted our review of the Altas Bipod from Accu-Shot. The Atlas offers some innovative features not found on other bipods. It's construction is first rate and the designer is not content to rest on his laurels. Our example is Version Eight of the original design. There are rumors of more improvements to come. (Read More)

(03.03.11) KRG Ops Bolt Lift

For those of you who are not sure if you want a "tactical" bolt knob or if you are not permitted to modify an agency or government owned rifle, Kinetic Research Group (KRG Ops) has just the product for you. Take a look at our initial review of the Bolt Lift. (Read More)

(03.03.11) Indoor Optical Training Aid (I.O.T.A.)

Several weeks back a new product came to my attention. The I.O.T.A. is a lens that attaches to the objective of your current rifle scope. It allows you to focus extremely close for dry-fire practice inside a building. This is just the ticket for folks who live in small homes or in areas where someone laying in the open with a rifle may not be accepted kindly. Dry-Fire is a critical part of any marksmanship program and the I.O.T.A. is an excellent option for this purpose. (Read More)

(03.02.11) M700 Scope Base Installation

We have just completed the tutorial and video for the installation of the Weaver Tactical Picatinny one piece scope base on our new "Budget Precision" project rifle. This is the first installation in our series that is intended to take you from a box-stock economical rifle to a top-end Precision Build. Each installment will build on the last. We will be demonstrating how to put together each component at home and what effects it will have on the accuracy and the ergonomics of the system. We want you to be able to follow along and make informed decisions on what your rifle at home or at work needs to better its performance. (Read More) (YouTube Video)

(01.27.11) Borka Tools Torque Driver Review

Our review of the new compact torque driver from Borka Tools is up. If you take a precision rig into the field, you need one of these kits. If you have ever had a scope ring come loose or had to pull an action at the range, you need this kit. It makes it extremely easy to carry everything you need to break your rifle down in your ruck or even on the rifle itself if you desire. (Read More)

(01.18.11) Remington 700 SPS Tactical AAC-SD Overview

We are getting ready for the SHOT Show, and part of that was testing out a new High Definition video camera. What better way to test it out, than going over some of the features of the new SPS Tactical AAC-SD Rifle. We will be doing a detailed write up and review of the rifle in the not too distant future so keep checking back.

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