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Bolt Lift

Company Website:

KRG was established conceptually in 2005 by a group of Army Special Operations soldiers. We were not satisfied with the small arms or accessories on the market. Many products were good, but there was room for evolutionary enhancements as well as completely new products. Our passion for shooting led us to seek areas in which we thought we could improve upon existing products.


  • Made in: USA
  • Street Price: $28.00


The Bolt Lift comes packaged in a nice metal box. It includes epoxy, popsicle stick, o-ring spacers, and a screw in addition to the Bolt Lift itself.

Initial Impressions:

The Bolt Lift has a very nice feel to it. Even assembled off the rifle there is no flex in the halves. They fit tightly without the screw inserted.


Installation is extremely simple. Select the small O-rings for late model Remington bolts. The large O-rings for early model bolts. Place an o-ring in the bottom half. Set the half in place. Put an o-ring on the top of the bolt knob. Set the other half on top, engaging the locating pins. Then install the screw to hold them together. If you want a permanent solution you can forgo the o-rings and use the included epoxy.

We installed the Bolt Lift on our Remington 700. It's equipped with a US Optics SN-3. The SN-3 is mounted as low to the barrel as possible and has a large knurled magnification ring. If any optic was going to cause interference with the Bolt Lift, then I figured it would be this one. Surprisingly there was still approximately 2-3mm of space remaining.

The Bolt Lift feels very solid. There is no wiggle or play at all once it is tightened down. You really cannot tell by feel that it is not molded onto the knob. Unless the knob begins to loosen up with use I see little reason to make the installation permanent.

Prior to installing the Bolt Lift on this rifle to cycle the bolt you had to use fingertips and thumb. If you attempted to grip the factory knob you would skin your thumb. After installing the bolt lift I was able to manipulate the bolt while retaining a firm grip on the end.

If you are a "grip it and rip it" type of bolt operator, then the Bolt Lift is a great option.

I have seen many comments about the visual appearance of the Bolt Lift and the fact that it's a bolt on plastic piece. The looks matter little to me. I only care about the function. The Bolt Lift works. The fact that it is made of plastic is also immaterial. The bolt knob on my four thousand dollar Accuracy International is plastic.

The true value of the Bolt Lift is that for $28 and a few minutes time you can see if a "tactical" bolt knob will fit your tactics and your rig. You don't have to worry about voids in the handle, sending it off to a gunsmith or any other nonsense.

If you are Military or Law Enforcement you may not have the option to modify your issued rifle. The Bolt Lift can be attached after checking your rifle out of the armory and removed before you turn it in.

The Bolt Lift is definitely work giving a test drive.

The Bolt Lift has now been shifted over to our "Budget Precision" build rifle. We will be giving it quite a workout over the course of the build series. I will update the review as we get some more trigger time on it.

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