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(Indoor Optical Training Aid)


The Indoor Optical Training Aid (I.O.T.A.) is an innovative product designed to allow a high magnification tactical rifle scope to focus at indoor distances.


  • Made in: USA
  • Street Price: $60.00

Initial Impressions:

The Indoor Optical Training Aid comes packaged in the same clamshell pack that the Butler Creek scope cap comes in. In fact other than the card that comes in the package, it looks just like another BC cap. When you open the cap you see the difference. The IOTA has a glass lens set into it. The lens has been coated to stop down the diameter.

The fit is like any other Butler Creek cap. When you order the IOTA you can specify what cap you use on your scope. If you don't know you can state what the outside diameter of the objective bell is. Installation is a simple slip-fit.


To use the IOTA you simply slip it over the front of your optic and open the cover. You will need to set your optic to the lowest magnification and the parallax to it's closest setting.

The IOTA is designed to focus at 11 feet. However you may need to change the distance in 3 inch increments in order to fine tune the focus.

To use the IOTA effectively you will need a very small and precise target. The IOTA allows you to focus very closely, but you still need a small target to gain the precision aiming point. The disadvantage of the IOTA is the extra lens and the smaller diameter pupil prevents a lot of light from passing into the scope. This requires that your target be very well lit.

If you have access to a laptop computer one option that we have been using is to display the target on the laptop or computer monitor. The backlighting of the display overcomes the lighting issues.

The utility of the IOTA is that it allows you to dry fire with your normal rifle system inside a residence. Additionally some clubs have designed computer programs to mimic their courses of fire. This adds an amazing dimension to a sometimes boring task. With computer simulation you can shoot a "match" at home without sending a single round. This would be excellent to fine tune your pace during rapid fire stages or to practice tracking movers.

While the $60 price tag may seem steep for a cap with a lens in it, what you save in ammo is many times that. Dry fire is the key to proficient shooting. This product supports that goal well.


If you would like to order an I.O.T.A. to improve your dry-firing routine contact Chuck Neller. chncranes (at) aol (dot) com.

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