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CADEX Defence - Accuracy International Fore-End Rail

The CADEX Fore-end Rail provides users of the Accuracy International AE Rifle with a world-class mount for in line night vision, lasers and accessories.

The Accuracy Intl. Fore-End Rail mount is proudly designed and manufactured by CADEX, your partner in mission. It provides snipers with a precision electro-optic mount for the Accuracy International weapon.

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Every time I open a gun magazine I am amazed at the amount of stuff you can hang on a rifle. When I was issued my first combat rifle, I had no idea what a "Picatinny rail" was. My rifle had iron sights and that was it. My first issued bolt rifle was the same way. There wasn't a rail anywhere on it. A few years later someone decided it was a good idea for Snipers to have the capability to locate and engage targets in less than ideal lighting conditions. This became my first experience with bolt on night vision mounts. At that time the highest quality night vision we had access to was the SIMRAD. This device required that the armorer replace the front scope ring cap with a proprietary rail mount. The night vision device sat very high on the system and since the rifles we were issued did not have bipods they wanted to flip oven on you.

Fast forward over a decade and night observation devices have become more compact and offer high resolution. Most "clip-on" night vision devices now include some type of Picatinny mount. Military semi-auto rifle systems often have some type of Picatinny rail equipped handguard. This makes mounting a night vision device, laser designator, flash light, can opener, coffee maker, etc. fairly simple. In fact mounting accessories on M16/M4/M110 platforms has become so easy that it takes no time at all to double the weight of your rifle.

What does all this have to do with the item we are reviewing today?

While most modern military semi-auto platforms leave their respective factories adorned in Picatinny rails, bolt action rifles seem to fall short in this aspect. The bolt action rifle continues to be the mainstay of the military and police sniper. Even the best semi-auto rifles have to work to attain the consistency of average bolt action rifles.

One of the top military and law enforcement bolt action rifles is the Accuracy International series. The Arctic Warfare (AW) has seen service around the world in many different countries. The Accuracy Enforcement (AE) is in use worldwide in the hands of law enforcement Snipers. The Accuracy International Chassis System (AICS) accepts a Remington 700 action and turns that rifle into a bulletproof workhorse in use by the US Army.

A common feature of the AI AW/AE/AICS is that there are no rails on the forend. When the rifle ships from the factory, there is no facility to mount a "clip-on" night vision device. CADEX Defence solves this problem with their AI Fore-End Rail system. Not only does the CADEX Rail provide a top Picatinny rail for night vision, but it also provides a three o'clock and nine o'clock rail for mounting lasers, lights or whatever else the mission requires.

There are currently several different solutions to mount a 12 o'clock rail on the AI chassis, however most of the rails that I have used require removal of the spigot mount in the front of the chassis. This is not incredibly difficult, but it does take a little bit of work and may not be something that is authorized at the end-user level in some units and departments. All of the other units I have used relocate the bipod attachment receiver (spigot) closer to the muzzle. This changes the way the rifle tracks moving targets. It's not a massive change, but one that needs to be considered. One of the "other" units I have used actually required grinding away at the front of the skins to allow it to fit correctly.

The CADEX Rail system does not require any major installation procedures. You simply remove the front skins from your chassis and pop out the steel inserts in the two forward most skin mounting holes. Then reinstall the skins. Remove the top three side plate fasteners on the CADEX mount. Separate the plate from the rest of the rail system. Set the Rail System in place, making sure the raised "pads" in the inside sit into the skin mounting holes. Reinstall the side plate fasteners then install the new, longer skin mounting screws.

That is all there is to it. The hardest part of the installation is removing the steel inserts in the skins. They are in there pretty tight and getting them out without gouging the skins can be fun.

Once the CADEX AI Fore-End Rail is installed the rifle handles just like before. There is no change in the way it tracks on the bipod since the 'pod remains in the same space. The only drawback is it makes an already heavy system heavier. This is unavoidable. The CADEX Rail comes in at 18.5 oz. Although that may seem like a lot, it did not hinder my ability to shoot the system offhand with the help of a good sling.

The CADEX Rail located our AN/PVS-22 perfectly in relation to the day-optic mounted on a American Defense Manufacturing RECON mount. There should not be any issues when using AR height mounting systems or AI branded mounts. If you are using a long optic and short rings then you may have clearance issues. Our Vortex Razor HD would not clear when mounted in Vortex "Low" rings. Of course low rings are rarely the appropriate choice for an AI chassis.

The Picatinny rails on the CADEX unit appear to be in-spec and accepted any Picatinny spec mount that we tried.

If you need to mount a night vision device in front of your day optic on an AI Chassis, the CADEX Rail system will work well for you. If you need to be able to install and remove the mount at the unit or individual level, then the CADEX Rail is the perfect solution.

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