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Guardian Long Range April Fools Team Match at Frontline Defense USA

Sarah and I made the cross-country roadtrip to Warrenton, NC for the first ever Guardian Long Range Two Day Team Match. This is our second trip to Frontline Defense USA. Paul Smith has gone above and beyond to build a chunk of North Carolina woods into a top notch range. Gary Larson continued to demonstrate his ability to put together a spectacular match in order to support a very worth cause. The Guardian matches serve as a charity fundraiser for Bethany Christian Services and to my knowledge, this arrangement is unique in the shooting and charity communities. Continue reading Guardian Long Range April Fools Team Match at Frontline Defense USA

Mail Call Mondays Season 6 #4 – Ruger Precision Rifle vs. Savage 10 BA Stealth

Mail Call Mondays Season 6 #3 – Bedding, MATEN 6.5CM and the Nosler RDF, Tactical Brass Recovery

RSS Defense Corp RDMR7 Review

Last year, I was contacted by RSS Defense Corp. RSS Defense is a small AR and AK manufacturer located north of Chicago. Before our conversation, I had never heard of this company. After a few exchanges, I agreed to review their flagship AR15, the RDMR7.

RDMR7 is an acronym for Rapid Deployment, Mission Ready, 7 days a week. This perfectly describes what the RDMR7 is designed to be. It is intended to be a law enforcement patrol rifle. Every part of the rifle supports this goal. Continue reading RSS Defense Corp RDMR7 Review

Magnetospeed V3 Chronograph Review

Magnetospeed V3Muzzle velocity is a critical component to plotting the ballistic trajectory of a precision rifle. It is easy to look up the dimensions and ballistic coefficient of the bullet you are shooting. However the muzzle velocity is unique to each rifle. You cannot rely on velocities printed on cartridge boxes or even the numbers your buddy gave you for his pet load. The easiest way to obtain an accurate muzzle velocity is to measure it with precision equipment. The Magnetospeed V3 Chronograph makes this a simple task. Continue reading Magnetospeed V3 Chronograph Review

Modular Driven Technologies Releases new ESS Chassis

Modular Driven Technologies dropped their new chassis on our doorstep a week before the 2017 SHOT Show. We had just enough time to unpack it and check out the features before we hit the road for the trip to Las Vegas. We plan on discussing the new ESS chassis at SHOT and we will have a full review published after we put it through its paces.

Single Handed Shooting

This short video was spurred by a technique I saw this morning, demonstrated by another instructor. Just because it is new, does not necessarily make it better. Try new techniques, but evaluate them based on the classic methods. There may be a reason the “old way” has stuck around so long.

Equipment used:

  • Sig Sauer TacOps Traditional 1911 (.45 ACP)
  • Oakley M Frame Alpha Glasses (Prizm Lens)
  • Hazard 4 “Heavy Water Diver” Watch
  • MSA Sordin Supreme X Ear Pro


Ruger Precision Rifle (Gen 2) Review

We first had a chance to handle and shoot the Ruger Precision Rifle at the 2016 SHOT Show. The outward appearance of the rifle was enough to grab our attention. Once we delved into the details we were hooked. Ruger designed this rifle to specifically target the precision rifle competition shooter. Continue reading Ruger Precision Rifle (Gen 2) Review

Mail Call Mondays Season 5 #25 – New Nightforce Optics, Accuracy International and Daniel Defense

Mail Call Monday’s Master Index –

CORE Shooting Solutions –
Nightforce Optics –
Accuracy International –
Daniel Defense –
G3 Targets –
Ultimatum Precision –

Intro by: Jesse Mattson –

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