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Single Handed Shooting

This short video was spurred by a technique I saw this morning, demonstrated by another instructor. Just because it is new, does not necessarily make it better. Try new techniques, but evaluate them based on the classic methods. There may be a reason the “old way” has stuck around so long.

Equipment used:

  • Sig Sauer TacOps Traditional 1911 (.45 ACP)
  • Oakley M Frame Alpha Glasses (Prizm Lens)
  • Hazard 4 “Heavy Water Diver” Watch
  • MSA Sordin Supreme X Ear Pro


Chamber Checks

Rule number one when handling firearms is “Treat every weapon as if it were loaded.”

This rule has been hammered in with tales of negligent discharges, property damage and death. In every range I have been to, I have seen holes in the ceiling, grooves in the concrete and other signs of bullets going where they shouldn’t. Is it because of ignorance? Bad technique? Complacency? Why do we find bullet holes in cleaning benches and locker rooms in police stations and military facilities? Surely cops and soldiers know the importance of a chamber check and how to properly execute them. Continue reading Chamber Checks