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MDT LSS Remington 700 Chassis First Look

MDT LSSModular Driven Technologies recently sent us one of their new LSS Chassis Systems. The LSS is a very minimalist chassis that offers you the option to use your favorite AR15 pistol grip and adjustable buttstock. One of the most important features is that the LSS allows your Remington 700 short action rifle to accept Accuracy International AICS pattern magazines. Our initial impression is that the LSS is a very solid piece. Our factory Remington 700 Varmint rifle dropped right in.

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PCP Polymer Match Ammunition Limited Release

PCP AmmunitionPCP Ammunition is opening a “Limited Release” Signup for their brand new Match .308 Winchester polymer cased load.

I have used polymer 5.56mm ammunition in the past in training, but have always been left with a non-impression. The ammo worked most of the time and put holes in close range targets, however that was about the limit of my recollection.

“We are offering this limited release of production to a select number of consumers. We are limiting the production initially to allow for user feedback that validates our test results. PCP Ammunition and certified third party testing facilities have performed thousands of tests on this product and we are confident in its safety and performance. The ammunition is loaded to SAAMI specifications. We are extremely interested in the feedback of our first group of civilian consumers.”

According to a post on PCP Ammunition’s website this is the first time a high performance polymer .308 cartridge has been offered for commercial sale. While I cannot confirm the accuracy of this statement, I can say that I have never encountered a “match grade” polymer .308 load. If the information on the box pictured above is correct, it appears that the ammunition may be loaded with the excellent 175gr Sierra Match King bullet. If this is the case then there is a strong possibility that this load will be close to the military M118LR match. The M118LR is a popular load for long range .308 shooters.

If you would like to signup for the Limited Release, then check out PCP Ammunition’s website. We will be looking forward to getting our hands on some of this ammunition to verify accuracy and any advantage offered over traditional brass cases ammunition.

Improved AK – Rifle Dynamics AK to M4 Stock Adapter Install

ImprovedAK_20131127_T3i_022_1080The factory wood buttstock on the AK-47/AKM rifles is a rather robust and trouble free part. It is impervious to cold. There is little to mechanically fail on it and your face won’t freeze to it in the winter. However it is not exactly ideal for all body types. If the factory wood fits your body and shooting style, you may not see any need to replace it. If you are smaller or larger than the average Russian, you may benefit from a different length of pull. Continue reading Improved AK – Rifle Dynamics AK to M4 Stock Adapter Install

Happy Thanksgiving 2013

stock-graphics-vintage-thanksgiving-postcard-00161Happy Thanksgiving to all! Please remember to keep in your hearts and prayers those who are not able to spend Thanksgiving with their loved ones. Some are on the street keeping out neighborhoods safe. Some are standing watch in far off lands. Some care for our sick and wounded. Some are just working to keep the lights on, toilets flushing and goods moving from sea to shining sea. All wish they were sitting down to a meal with those who they hold dear. Thankfully we are a nation who has citizens who sacrifice their comfort for the greater good.

From the bottom of my heart, Thank You!


Strategic Armory Corp. Acquires McMillan Firearms

McMillan TAC-50 -
McMillan TAC-50 –

McMillan gained its start in the firearms world hand-laying fiberglass stocks in a garage at the McMillan family home. Forty years later it has expanded it’s business, supplying rifle stocks for some of the highest end custom and factory rifles in the world. Not satisfied to be a stock maker, McMillan diversified into building its own line of hunting and tactical rifles to include the far reaching TAC-50.

On Tuesday Strategic Armory Corp. announced that it had acquired McMillan Firearms Manufacturing, LLC. This places McMillan alongside Armalite, Surgeon Rifles, AWC Silencers and AWC Ammo. It will be interesting to see how SAC makes use of these companies across their product lines. I for one will be very interested to see if any of the Surgeon Rifles influence finds its way into McMillan products and vice-versa. reported Kelly and Ryan McMillan will be remaining onboard in a long term consulting capacity.

Sources say that McMillan’s stock manufacturing business will remain family owned and operated.

“Momentary” Glock Safety from Sure-Draw


From Sure-Draw’s Website:

Sure-Draw’s momentary safety device for Glocks provides the solution to a long-known problem – reducing the chance of negligent discharge.

This accessory appears to prevent the Glock trigger bar or connector from releasing the striker. It is not a traditional safety or selector. It looks to address the issue of negligent discharges during holstering.

I have long been against “hardware solutions” to “software problems”. I don’t like to put gadgets on guns to fix something that training should address. When holstering a weapon, your finger should be straight and off the trigger and your thumb should be on the back of the slide. Your holster should have been selected specifically for the weapon in question. If we are talking about a Glock, then there should be no straps or accessories that can fit into the trigger guard. If you have followed these guidelines then there is no need to add a safety to prevent a discharge.

If you are a nervous-nelly and you are uncomfortable handling a weapon without a safety, then don’t buy a Glock. I have carried Glocks for years in a professional capacity. I am a Glock Certified Armorer. I am all for innovation, but I feel this product may be a step backwards.

Sure-Draw lists a $29.99 sale price and First Quarter of 2014 availability.

Improved AK Build – Rifle Dynamics M4 Stock Adapter, Magpul MOE and AFG

The AK gets a little Magpul goodness.

Mail Call Mondays Season 2 #43 – Home Defense AR, Resizing for semi-autos, Reticle Calibration

Due to numerous hiccups on YouTube’s part and my extremely slow internet connection, it took a little longer than usual to upload the episode. However perseverance pays.