Mail Call Mondays Podcast #8 – What’s up with the Remington 700 Long Range?

This week we discuss the issues we have had with the Remington 700 Long Range (.300 Winchester Magnum) and what steps we have taken to resolve them.

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Host: John McQuay
Edited and Produced by: John McQuay

2 thoughts on “Mail Call Mondays Podcast #8 – What’s up with the Remington 700 Long Range?”

  1. I have the 30-06 version. With the Berger 210 or Hornady 208 at standard OAL of 3.34″ the lead was 0.2″. Since the 700 can accommodate longer OAL I worked up loads with jump of 0.050 and later 0.025″ to lands. Using Win brass and Fed 210m primers I tried RL-17 and H4350 powders. Loads are similar to seen by German Salazar on At between 2500 and 2550 fps I am getting …. groups consistsntly below 1 inch at 300 yards. That was with the B&C stock glass bedded in. I just switched to the Magpul stock and the mags easily hold the longer rounds. This gets to your harmonics issue. It would be interesting to seat your bullets out the optimum length. The Magpul magazines are nice. My optics have been the IOR 3.5-18x FFP and SWFA 5-20 with Nightforce base and rings. This was a fun project. If the barrel didn’t work I was going with the Pacific Tool Serengeti reamer and a premium barrel…but this is doing well.

    1. One additional point… I installed a 2-stage trigger when I bought the rifle. This was the CG X-treme Mod 22 trigger in tactical version. I could expect not max out performance with the standard trigger. The Timney was not available at the time. The Mod 22 required a little fitting for the Magpul stock.

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