Budget Magnification Throw Lever

Variable magnification scopes are the standard for precision rifle competitors. Most shooters will select a magnification setting before starting the stage. However, it’s not uncommon to “lose the target” and have to back down the magnification to re-acquire it. Then swing the magnification back up to confirm that it is the right target. Small or stiff magnification rings make this difficult.

Several manufacturers offer “cat-tails” or “throw-levers” for their scopes. Others offer aftermarket solutions. They are often fairly expensive. Several years ago we came across a cheap and effective solution.

The product is called a “Breakaway Coaster“. It is a simple nylon strap and knob assembly that was originally designed for fishing tackle. In practice, the Coaster is tightened up around the magnification ring of your scope. The knob of the Coaster now allows a more substantial grip on the magnification ring.

We have used the Breakaway Coaster on the Vortex Razor Gen I scope. The flat, rubberized ring is perfectly suited for this. With the Coaster in place, I can rapidly switch between 5x and 20x or stop at any spot in between. The lever allows for easier adjustment without upsetting the rifles position.

The Breakaway Coaster is inexpensive and does not permanently alter the scope. The only downside we found is that the Coaster doesn’t not work well on severely tapered or irregularly shaped magnification rings.

If you need a magnification throw lever or you just want to give one a try the Breakaway Coaster is a good, inexpensive option. It has worked so well on our Razor that I have not felt the need to upgrade.

Breakaway Coasters are available on Amazon. Purchasing from the link kicks a couple pennies our way.

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