2 thoughts on “Mail Call Mondays Season 4 #07 – Cold Bore Tracking and Kahles K624i Preview”

  1. John. I love watching your show.
    You are clear and speak well. Very easy to follow and understand. I have been in marketing and advertising for over 25 years. And I have a suggestion. Add more “gun porn” shots to the shows. The camera sits in the one position. I seem to listen now more than watch because of this. Adding nice pans and smooth close ups of the gun and parts etc make the value of the video much higher. Just a suggestion. Love everything about your show. You are a Brand. Don’t forget that part.

    1. Thanks for the input. When we can, I love to add product close ups. However, sometimes we are working on a VERY short deadline (like hours). When that happens, it is usually just me talking about stuff. However, I love to hear thoughts from you guys on how to improve the show!

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