Stop Gun Violence PSA – No worse advice!

New “Gun Control” videos pop up on the internet in regular intervals. This is nothing new or notable. What is notable is the latest video by Rejina Sincic. In Sincic’s PSA she suggests that children should steal their parent’s firearms and bring them… school!

Apparently Sincic has not bothered to acquaint herself with the law. In most states taking property belonging to another (theft) is a felony. In some, stealing a weapon is a enhanced crime. Some states may even allow a juvenile to face adult charges for theft of a weapon. This does not even take into account that in every state I am aware of, it is a serious crime for an unlicensed person to bring a firearm onto school property.

If all this were not enough, this PSA would presumably have scores of untrained children transporting and turning in possibly loaded firearms to untrained school administrators. Those administrators would then have to safely secure the firearms until the police could be contacted to return the property to the rightful owners.

Overall, I can’t imagine a more reckless message to send to children.

Please use this as a reminder to talk to your children about firearms safety and keep your firearms secured when not in use.

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