Sierra Bullets Going Ballistic Tip

Sierra Screen Shot
Hornady and Nosler have been using polymer, ballistic tips on their bullets for several years. The advantages are a slightly higher ballistic coefficient and a more consistent tip over the traditional “open tip match” design. It seems that Sierra Bullets has now gotten onboard with their new “Tipped Matchking” or TMK.

The TMK will initially be available in .224 and .308 diameters. Our readers will be most interested in the 175 gr. TMK (7775). This bullet offers an increased ballistic coefficient over the 175 gr. Matchking (2275). The old Matchking weighed in with a .496 G1 BC between 1800-2800 fps. The Tipped Matching is advertised at .530 G1 BC between 1800-2400 fps and a .545 G1 BC above 2400 fps. In most .308 applications, this will equate to a almost 20″ less drop at 1000 yards and almost 10″ less wind drift in a 10mph full value wind. (SMK 401.8″/103.0″, TMK 382.4″/94.3″). The 175 TMK on paper looks like it will be a contender for Berger Bullets 175 gr. offerings but not quite to the level of the 185 gr. Bergers.

MatchKing 7775Sierra’s website lists a January release. While the .308 bullets are exciting, we will be anxiously awaiting the 6 and 6.5mm versions!

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