Battle Systems Vinyl Tape

Battle Systems Vinyl Tape

No matter if you are a Marine Infantryman, SWAT Team Operator or just a guy going for a hike, securing loose straps is necessary step. Loose straps can be annoying, but also pose a significant problem when they tangle, catch in other gear or on the environment. In some situations they can even contribute to a negligent discharge.

In the past, electrical tape was the tool of choice for securing those straps. It was cheap, easy to find and quick to apply. Someone usually had a roll stashed in their gear. The problem is that electrical tape leaves a gooey mess behind when you remove it to adjust something or turn your gear in. For this reason I got a grin when I read a GearScout post about Battle Systems Vinyl Tape.

Battle Systems Vinyl Tape feels much like electrical taps, but comes in Coyote Brown color and has an adhesive that is specifically formulated for the task of securing gear. It is 3/4″ wide and comes on a 60′ roll for $4.99. In use the Battle Systems tape applies just like electrical tape. It sticks as well as electrical tape, but does not leave the goo behind.

Battle Systems L.L.C. is a Veteran Owned Business that specializes in developing common-sense products and solutions for America’s warriors.

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