3 thoughts on “Mail Call Mondays Season 3 #15 – .260 Ladder Test Redux”

  1. Great information, still looking for a video on shooting up hill and down hill and the effects on the bullet drop.

  2. John,

    Please explain why you only use one round for each powder weight. I have always been taught that you shoot no less than 3 rounds, preferably 5. Your statistical chances of an error are far less. I can see where you would look for the statistical sweet spot with a lesser round count (get into the ball park if you will) then run a finer, higher round count test when you are close. Am I off base?

    Also, will you be addressing the Rem 700 recall. It is having huge repercussions on sniper teams in the SWAT arena (3 teams in my state are down). Guns are being pulled and deadlined, and Rem will not tell you when they will get those guns back. Up until now they are handling this issue very poorly.

    Thanks for your input.

  3. Hey John – great video as usual. I have a question about ladder testing. Do you have a recommendation of a good document to read that will give me a good, in-depth understanding of how a ladder test works? Your descriptions in the video were great, I just want to dig into it further.


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