The Gunbox Unboxing

The GunboxOne of the key responsibilities of a firearms owner is to restrict access to their firearm by unauthorized persons. This may be children in your household or burglars when you are away. In my professional life I have lost count of the number of burglaries or car break-ins that have resulted in placing more firearms in the hands of criminals. The problem is that we have to balance security with ease of access. A locked and unloaded firearm does you no good when evil comes to call. For this reason I take note whenever I come across a solution that allows you to maintain security but instantly access your firearm.

I would love to take credit for finding this one, but the truth is my lovely wife Sarah came across this little gem on one of the message boards she frequents. The product is called “The Gunbox“. It’s a very simple name for a very advanced piece of technology. The Gunbox is an attractive and sturdy aluminum shell with some very high tech electronics. The Gunbox is available in three different models. The base model is “RF Only”. It can be opened by use of the included wristband. A ring is also available at an additional cost. The next higher model adds a biometric fingerprint scanner that can hold multiple fingerprints. The top of the line model features RF, biometric scanner and GPS Tracking. It will also beam its position back to you if it is ever stolen or notify you if The Gunbox has been tampered with. All three models can be secured to a stationary object by a Kensington Lock (not included) and have a built in batter backup. This is excellent for travelers who may need to secure their handgun while away from home.

We have just received our test model and Sarah couldn’t wait to tear into it. Once we have some time to work with all the features we will report back with a full review.

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  1. Good device, looks great.

    How about a video on shooting up hill or down hill, and what effects it has on the point of impact.

    Thanks and keep up the good work and I am looking for a great tee for one of your shows

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