3 thoughts on “Mail Call Mondays Season 3 #9 – Meplats, Wind, Data Cards and More!”

  1. Good video.

    Would you have time on one of your shows to go through all the steps with models and information to come up with a shooting solution and how to set up the system to take the shot down range and see the resolutes.

  2. Thanks, John, for another excellent video. However, I’m confused as to why wind would have a greater affect on a bullet early in its flight rather than later. It would seem that later in its flight a bullet will have lost energy and velocity and therefor be more susceptible to a crosswind. What am I missing here?
    Also, when do you plan to review the Bushnell XRS? I’m really looking forward to your evaluation of that scope.
    Thanks again for your very informative videos.

  3. If someone is going to take the time with bullet trimming, i would advice them to meplat trim them and then use a tipping die.
    And John Hoovers die system works better with some bullets, as it has different tipping punches to match bullets.
    Although it’s more expensive

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