TAB Gear Silent Ammo Carrier (S.A.C.) Review

TAB Ammo SACOver the years I have used several different methods to carry ammo in the field. In the Marines we carried the issued cardboard cartons. Those were prone to being smashed and disintegrated when wet. During matches I carried the plastic ammo boxes used to store my reloads. These were cumbersome, heavy and the boxes are easily broken by impact. None of the methods of packing really added functionality to the shooting process. For this reason I was extremely excited when I saw the TAB Gear S.A.C. (Silent Ammo Carrier).

The TAB Gear S.A.C. is a 1000D Nylon pouch that is sized to hold 100 .308 class cases. Access to the S.A.C. is through a heavy duty #10 zipper. The front of the TAB Gear S.A.C. is equipped with ten elastic loops to hold spare cartridges at the ready. The back of the S.A.C. has rows of PALS webbing for attaching to your pack or web gear. This all adds up to produce a heavy duty pouch for your ammo, but unless you look deeper, you will miss the best feature. The TAB Gear SAC has a secondary pocket in the main compartment to hold your empty cases.

The construction of the TAB Gear S.A.C. is excellent. Bar tacks abound in possible problem areas. Seams are all bound and I couldn’t find a raw edge of material anywhere on the S.A.C.

When the TAB Gear SAC arrived I scrounged out some Malice clips and attached it to the upper pocket of my Eberlestock X3 pack. It easily swallowed 100 rounds of ammo while still leaving enough breathing room to stash fired cases in the back pocket.

TAB Ammo SACThat first outing gave me the confidence needed to use the S.A.C. during the Woody’s Precision Rifle Series Match in North Carolina. Throughout the match the S.A.C. allowed me to rapidly dump my fired cases into the inner pocket, then dip out a handful of fresh cartridges to top off my magazines. This doesn’t seem like a big deal, but anything that makes simple tasks quicker and smoother frees up your mind to think about other things (like the next stage).

The TAB Gear S.A.C. is available in Coyote Brown, OD Green, MultiCam, Krpytek Highlander and Black. They list for $50 from Triad Tactical or TAB Gear. This may seem like a lot of cash for a nylon pouch, however the quality is far above the import junk we are used to nowadays. TAB Gear is made in the USA and designed by a shooter. I feel it’s worth a little more to promote American ingenuity. The cost of a TAB Gear S.A.C. is about equal to the amount of ammunition I can expend in a single range trip and is half of what I would shoot at most matches.

If you want a simple way to carry your ammo and brass, give the TAB Gear Silent Ammo Carrier a try!

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  1. John,

    Keep up the good work. Really enjoy what you do and how you present the material. I am in the market for an AR. I actually have a LaRue on order, but I was told earlier this week from LaRue that they were working on orders from June 2012 (placed mine in March 2013). So I am thinking about a GAP-10 or a Miller in 308. Do you have any first hand experience with either? Could you give the pros and cons of each and a preference I appreciate your time.


  2. I looked at these at SHOT Show and ended up purchasing one. I can easily fit 120 rds of 6.5 x 47 Lapua in it and another ten on the outside. I’m far from a world class competitor…but view this as a BETTER way to carry ammo to the range instead of plastic boxes.

    VERY well designed and well made. Yeah fifty bucks is stiff…but made in America. Plus…Most of the Chinese junk sells for close TAB’s asking price anyway. Spend the few extra dollars and get well made American gear!

    FN in MT

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