HSGI Double Decker Taco – First Look


I use a wide array of rifle systems. This can be somewhat difficult when it comes time to setup my gear. One day I may be running an AK, another day it may be an AICS based rifle. The next day I may be using an AR15 or AR10. All use vastly different magazines. Of course there is the option to setup different rigs for each system. There is also the option to just purchase separate magazine pouches and swap them out for each system. A better option is the HSGI Double Decker Taco.

The Double Decker Taco is a “universal” pistol pouch stacked on a “universal” rifle pouch. As soon as our Taco arrived from HSGI I collected whatever magazines we had handy. I had no problem fitting everything from a standard AR15 magazine to a Magpul LR20. Even polymer AK mags were no problem. The pistol portion of the Taco stretched to accommodate the overweight Glock 21 mags without complaint. Inverting the Taco and shaking vigorously did nothing to dislodge the magazines.

The construction is top notch. Stitching is bar-tacked and double stitched in all the right places. Raw ends are melted to prevent fraying. I am also happy to note the Taco is made here in the USA with a lifetime warranty.

We have not gotten a chance to get the Taco to the field yet, but based totally on our first impression, I ordered a second. I also purchased a paddle adapter that will allow the Taco to be slipped on with no problem. Once we get some range time on these pieces we will be doing a full review.

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