Triad Tactical Precision Rifle Carry Case Review

TriadDragBag_20130421_60D_16The Precision Rifle Carry Case (PRCC) is a new “drag bag” style rifle case from Triad Tactical. There are scores of drag bags on the market, but the Triad PRCC is different. Many of the drag bags I have used in the past are bulked up with added “features” not really needed for “dragging” a rifle on a stalk. The PRCC is designed with simplicity in mind. Gone is the floppy “nose cone” and strap storage compartment. Also eliminated is the snap closure that usually covers the zipper. Instead the zipper is protected by the surrounding material.

The PRCC still has mounting points for optional padded shoulder straps. These allow the Precision Rifle Carry Case to be carried on your back. The straps can be configured for muzzle up or down carry. They are an optional accessory that come with our best selling tactical backpack reviewed. If you don’t need them, you can save some money. Should you decide that you need the straps you will be pleased to find that they are well padded for transporting some of the heavier tactical rifles.

TriadDragBag_20130421_60D_28The interior of the Precision Rifle Carry Case has several rows of webbing. This allows you to place the included Velcro wraps in whatever configuration your rifle requires. The interior of the bag also includes a “muzzle pocket”. This prevents the muzzle of the rifle from pressing against the zipper and causing it to separate. I consider this pocket absolutely necessary when carrying heavy rifles with the muzzle down. Along the interior spine of the PRCC is a cleaning rod storage pocket.

TriadDragBag_20130421_60D_47The padding for the main compartment is adequate to protect even heavy rifle systems. Unlike many cheaper quality bags, the padding in the PRCC extends up the sides and butts together at the zipper. The padding also extends up the spine of the case. The main zipper is a heavy duty #10 YKK piece. It extends far enough around the case to allow it to be opened flat. This is an intentional feature so that the case may also be used as a small shooting mat.

TriadDragBag_20130421_60D_20The front of the Precision Rifle Carry Case features two zippered pockets. The 10″x10″x2.5″ smaller pocket is perfect for binoculars, spotting scope, etc. The larger 27″x10″x2.5″ pocket worked well to store our Alamo Four Star DCLW Tripod. Both pockets are equipped with webbing and velcro wraps to secure your gear. The front pockets are not padded, but this keeps the case lightweight and compact. At 3 lbs the PRCC is considerably lighter than some other bags.

TriadDragBag_20130421_60D_31Hinting to it’s true function the “nose” of the Precision Rifle Carry Case is equipped with “drag straps” to act as a hand hold or attachment point for your drag leash. The PRCC is also equipped with the standard briefcase style carrying handles on the side. These handles are ideally located to balance most precision rifles.

TriadDragBag_20130421_60D_45We have been using the Triad Tactical Precision Rifle Carry Case for about a month now. In that time it has been bouncing around the trunk of a Police Cruiser, sliding in the bed of a pickup truck, and being generally abused on the range. The 500D Cordura exterior still looks relatively new (although a little dirty).

Overall the Precision Rifle Carry Case offers a great list of features and exceptional quality for the price. While it is not cheap, I feel it is a good value for what you are getting.


  • 42″ Length (52″ model Coming Soon)
  • 11″ Tall
  • 3 Lbs.
  • 500D Cordura Nylon Construction
  • #10 YKK Main Zipper
  • Crown Pocket
  • Drag Straps
  • Balanced Carry Handles
  • Optional Backpack Straps
  • Made in the USA
  • $195.86 *as of 9.13.13
  • Available exclusively from:



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