Hornady Suspends Production of 178gr BTHP and Other Lower Demand Bullets

Hornady Manufacturing Inc. has recently released a statement on their website suspending production of lower demand products. Citing the unprecedented demand for their most popular products, Hornady stated that they cannot justify the machine downtime to produce the lower demand items. Hornady has posted a list of products that they will be producing to the end of 2013. If your favorite bullet is not on the list, you better stock up now!

Hornady178grBTHP_20130709_T3i_008_1080Unfortunately the highest performance .308 bullet that Hornady produces did not make the cut. Production of the .30 cal, 178gr BTHP will be suspended. The slightly lower performance 178gr Amax will still be produced, however the lower ballistic coefficient of that bullet places it below the 178gr BTHP.

The benefit to us shooters is that Hornady is doing everything they can to run at maximum capacity. Once the demand for the top products has been satisfied, hopefully the niche shooters among us will be able to find our favorites back on the store shelves.

3 thoughts on “Hornady Suspends Production of 178gr BTHP and Other Lower Demand Bullets”

  1. Hi John I have new rifles a 243win and a 338win mag both x bolts Brownings and i’am trying to get the best out of them. I also have a RCBS chronograph .
    So after watching your u tube videos on reloading which have been very help full thank you.
    Both my rifles are hunting rifles.
    ? So I would like to know when using the chronograph what sort of extreme spread and standard deviation should I be trying to achieve . I know the lower the numbers the better but what’s
    Bad. Good . Awesome

    Many thanks. David

    1. I consider an ES over 50fps to be unacceptable for “match” ammo. However that may be just fine for banging steel at intermediate ranges. It all depends on how the ammo reacts in your rifle.

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