5 thoughts on “Mail Call Mondays Season 2 #18 – Tracers, Muzzle Brakes, Barrels and More”

  1. HaHaHa, you tore my name UP! Rogelio (Rohelio). No worries happens all the time, Just never to a world wide audience. Hey, thanks for the response.

  2. John, great videos, very informative. I’ve been trying to get a Rem 700 XCR Long Range in .300 Win Mag for the last 6 months but they’re on backorder. Now I learn that the SigSauer SSG 3000 in .308 is phenomenal, and about the same price. Any comments or experience with either rifle? Thanks in advance for any guidance you can give me.

    1. I have had some experience shooting the old SSG 3000. I have not handled the new, lower priced models. The SSG 3000 was a very good rifle, but I did feel it was a bit overpriced. I hope to be able to get some trigger time on the new models in the future.

  3. if and when you look at the inside of the barrel with a bore light, what do i need to look at? be aware of? or concentrating at?

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