Tipton Best Gun Vise Review

Most of us at some point or another have wished for a third or fourth arm. Nowhere is this as true as with firearms maintenance.


When cleaning or repairing our firearms we often have to stabilize the firearm, hold a tool and hold a part at the same time. A fixture to hold your firearm would make most tasks considerably easier.

Tipton enters with just such a fixture. Instead of some specialized jig for just one model or type of firearm, Tipton has produced an easily adjustable Vise that can be quickly configured to hold an incredible number of firearms. In fact I have sucessfully used the “Best” Gun Vise with traditional stocked Remington 700’s, AR15’s, AR10’s, .22’s and even shotguns.

BestGunVise_20130402_60D_02Tipton achieved this feat by mounting the front cradle and rear “vise” on a sliding track base. You can place them wherever you need them. The front cradle can be adjusted for height. The rear “vise” can be adjusted for width and height. Tipton also included a middle support to hold AR’s and Shotguns in the open position. This is incredibly helpful when cleaning the bore.

The “Best” Gun Vise is not without its flaws. The majority of the rig is made of plastic. It is rigid enough to do it’s job, but when locking the cams on the vise closed you can feel the sides flex. I have not encountered and cracking or splitting, and don’t have any reason to believe there will be. However, I am used to using fine tools. This would not be considered one.

Flexible plastic aside, the Best Gun Vise does exactly what it is supposed to do. It frees your hands to work on the firearm. Is it worth the $90 price tag? After owning and working with it for several months I believe it is. It only takes your prized rifle falling off the workbench once to cost you so much more.

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