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Applied Ballistics Seminar (Sophia, NC)

ab_seminar_20161103_gh4_004If you have spent any amount of time in the precision rifle world, it is likely that you have heard of Bryan Litz and Applied Ballistics. Bryan is a long time competitive rifle shooter and current member of the US Rifle Team. He is also the Chief Ballistician of Berger Bullets. To say that Bryan wrote the book on modern rifle ballistics would be true. In fact, he has written several. I first became acquainted with Bryan’s work when I read “Applied Ballistics for the Long Range Shooter”. This book is now in Volume III, and contains an extensive library of tested G7 Ballistic Coefficients for popular long range bullets. I was incredibly excited when Applied Ballistics invited me to their seminar in Sophia, NC. Continue reading Applied Ballistics Seminar (Sophia, NC)