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Tikka T3 CTR – Reader Submission

We have gotten a number of requests for information on the Tikka T3 series of rifles. I have been given the opportunity to shoot them in various forms, several times over the past few years. However we have not been able to find the time to do a comprehensive review.

Jason Holmes contacted us and asked if we would be interested his experience with his Tikka T3 CTR. After reading his opinion, we felt our readers might benefit from it. We are still looking forward to a chance to complete a full review of a Tikka T3 and hope to accomplish that soon.

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Mail Call Mondays Podcast # 1 – Mildots and Milliradians

Mail Call Mondays Season 6 #7 – Mildots and Milliradians

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Army vs. USMC Mildots

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Mail Call Mondays Season 6 #6 – Equipment v. Practice, Oakley Tombstone, Painting, YouTube Revenue

Mail Call Mondays Season 6 #5 – Shooting in the Rain, Wheelchairs and Tripods, Coriolis and More.

Grand Power X-Calibur Handgun Review

Eagle Imports contacted us last year and asked us to review the Grand Power X-Calibur. Eagle Imports is the US Importer for Grand Power, a Slovakian company.  At first look, the X-Calibur looks like a mix of custom, competition and tactical in one pistol.

The X-Calibur is a double action/single action design that allows for “cocked and locked” single action carry. The pistol is fully ambidextrous with all controls duplicated on both sides of the handgun. Even the magazine release is a mirror image. Left handed shooters will love this handgun. Transitioning to “weak side” one handed drills are as simple as can be. Continue reading Grand Power X-Calibur Handgun Review

Inforce APLc Glock Pistol Light Review

Years ago, it was uncommon to see someone outside of the military or Law Enforcement carrying a handgun with a weapon light. As lights became more compact and less expensive, they became much more common. More and more citizens began to add weapon lights to their concealed carry handguns. Inforce has released a new product to make this even easier.

Traditionally, adding a weapon light to your favorite compact handgun also added unwanted bulk and made it less comfortable to conceal. Lights add some significant length if not also thickness to a pistol. Inforce solved this by taking one of the most popular concealed carry handguns, the Glock 19, and designing a weapon light to fill the empty space under the dust cover. Continue reading Inforce APLc Glock Pistol Light Review

Guardian Long Range April Fools Team Match at Frontline Defense USA

Sarah and I made the cross-country roadtrip to Warrenton, NC for the first ever Guardian Long Range Two Day Team Match. This is our second trip to Frontline Defense USA. Paul Smith has gone above and beyond to build a chunk of North Carolina woods into a top notch range. Gary Larson continued to demonstrate his ability to put together a spectacular match in order to support a very worth cause. The Guardian matches serve as a charity fundraiser for Bethany Christian Services and to my knowledge, this arrangement is unique in the shooting and charity communities. Continue reading Guardian Long Range April Fools Team Match at Frontline Defense USA

Mail Call Mondays Season 6 #4 – Ruger Precision Rifle vs. Savage 10 BA Stealth

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