1 and 1 Drill (Shoot One, Reload, Shoot One)

If you are looking for a drill to improve your reload times with a minimum of fuss, here it is:

  1. Load your magazine to capacity.
  2. Load your magazine into the handgun and chamber a cartridge.
  3. Remove the loaded magazine and insert an empty magazine.
  4. Place the loaded magazine in your primary magazine pouch.

To execute the drill, you draw and fire one shot. The slide will lock to the rear on an empty magazine. Using the magazine release, dump the empty magazine. Draw the fresh mag from your primary magazine pouch and load it into the handgun. Release the slide with either the slide stop lever or with the “slingshot” method. Regain your two handed grip and fire one shot, center mass to end the drill.

This drill is great to objectively evaluate your reload speed. If you are using a shot timer the “split time” between the two shots is your reload time.


If you are having trouble quickly regaining your two handed firing grip, then instead of firing one shot after the reload, fire two. If the handgun is flopping around, you didn’t get a good grip.

If you wish to train on multiple magazines, load one round only into your primary magazine and place the full magazine in your secondary pouch.

3 and 3: Fire a Mozambique Drill on T1, reload and fire the Mozambique again on T1 or on another target.

One thought on “1 and 1 Drill (Shoot One, Reload, Shoot One)”

  1. Good video, you did a nice job on the explanation of the parts and what they do and hands on in the disassembly was great. I did my M&P 40 big gun and it looks to be the same. You now need to do a video on the M&P striker weapon with the noisy spring rub or something when you pull the trigger. Slide removed and the noise goes away????????

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