2 thoughts on “2013 Pumpkin Slaughter”

  1. Fantastic to see the whole family enjoying themselves at the range blowing up pumpkins. I look forward to my boys 2 & 4 getting out with me and doing the same thing when they get a bit older.

  2. Dear John, You’re always asking. Well since you asked, I would like very much to see more of Sarah. She’s great and I would like to see more of her ideas and opinions. Also my DH is an experienced shooter and I was wondering if you or Sarah have any suggestions for something say December 25th-ish. Lots of us are a bit overwhelmed at the vast assortment of possibilities I’m sure. Are there any new products, preferably budget friendly you could recommend? Thank you, StitchingLady. (P.S. Was that her with the mug?)

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