Quick Tip – Silencer Pot Holder

pot holderIf you shoot a suppressed rifle chances are at some point you have needed to handle a hot suppressor. I have seen makeshift solutions from using an old t-shirt or work glove to a pile of newspapers.

Recently we were testing a suppressor for point of impact shift. This required shooting, removing, reinstalling, repeating. Over and over again. We were racing the sunset so waiting was not an option. After the first few shots the silencer was a little warm and continued to heat up as we shot.

Luckily a friend brought along a cheap and easy solution in the form of a silicon pot holder. Silicon is not going to help you if your suppressor is cherry red and smoking from repeated magazine dumps. However if you are using it on a precision rifle, chances are your silencer is below the 450*F limit of the pot holder.

The temperature resistance as well as the grip of the pot holder made removal and installation of the silencer much easier. It also prevented the silencer from melting paint off the table while we were waiting for it to cool.

Again, I don’t recommend this for machinegun suppressors. However for bolt action rifles or other low rate of fire precision rifles a $4 pot holder can make things a little simpler.

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