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Timney #510 Trigger for Remington 700

Company Website:


Timney Triggers
3940 W.Clarendon Ave.
Phoenix, AZ, 85019
Phone: 602-274-2999
Fax: 602-241-0361



  • Adjustable from 1.5-4 lbs.
  • Trigger Block Safety
  • Made in:USA
  • Street Price: $124.95


I purchased my example from However they are also available directly from Timney. If you order direct from the manufacturer you may select your pull weight.


The trigger came packaged in a standard card type clamshell pack.

Initial Impressions:

The trigger body is a thick aluminum housing. The safety is a bit stiff compared to the factory Remington triggers. I believe this is due to the use of a detent pin on the Timney versus the ball bearing on the Remington. However the movement is precise with no slop. When the trigger is placed on safe a pin protrudes from the left side of the housing. When installing this trigger it is critical to ensure you have enough room for this pin to do it's job.

The#510 trigger is not just another another rehashed Walker trigger. It does not use any of the components from the original Remington unit. Since you do not need the original safety or bolt release this trigger is perfect for replacement of the new Remington X-Mark triggers. Installation is as simple as knocking out the pins holding the trigger to the receiver, placing the new trigger on the receiver and driving the pins back in. Of course as always, safety checks must be done after any trigger work.


Straight from Brownells the trigger is set at around 3 lbs. On the Lyman digital gauge it varies a couple of ounces here and there, but I am not entirely sure it's not the angle of the pull or variances in where the gauge rests on the trigger. The average over ten pulls was 3lbs 4oz.

The trigger bow is considerably wider than the pre-2006 Remington trigger. It's also flat across it's face instead of convex like the factory piece.

The 510 does not re-use the factory bolt release or safety. It comes ready to roll. Just pop out the pins, swap triggers and drive the pins back in. That's all it takes.

The feel is excellent. There is no take up and only a slight bit of over travel. It actually feels very much like the way my factory trigger was setup. Some may look at the over travel as a bad thing. On the contrary. Over travel in these type of triggers is necessary to allow for dirt clearance.

I generally prefer a wide trigger bow, but in this case I feel Timney may actually be going overboard. Still the trigger is narrow enough that the trigger guard can still do it's job.

The safety lever is not as smooth as the factory trigger, but it is positive and still "flicks" into position just like the factory piece. The Timney 510 safety is a "trigger block" safety. This means when the safety is engaged it prevents the trigger from releasing the sear. This is different from the factory 700 triggers. On the factory Remington trigger the safety lifts the sear off of the trigger connector and prevents it from releasing the striker. The disadvantage of this design is that if the trigger becomes fouled and the connector sticks in the "fired" position, when you release the safety the weapon will discharge without the trigger being pulled. This issue caused some changes in the Remington 700 trigger and safety over the years and is all but eliminated with the X-Mark.

You may notice that I keep comparing this trigger to the factory pre-2006 Remington trigger. The truth of the matter is the feel of the original Remington 700 trigger is excellent. When properly adjusted to a prudent pull weight with the correct sear engagement and over travel, the Remington trigger is more than adequate for any tactical match rifle. The problem occurs when someone monkeys with the trigger or they are not properly cleaned. I would have a hard time replacing a properly functioning pre-2006 trigger.

The pre-2006 triggers are GONE. Only models coming from Remington's custom shop can be had with the old 40X trigger and to my knowledge no models still use the standard pre-2006 Remington trigger. The vast majority of the 700s from Remington are shipped with a variant of their new X-Mark trigger. Even the 700P LTR now comes with the X-Mark Pro Adjustable trigger. The X-Mark is a completely different trigger that was designed to address the safety issues with the original 700. At the same time for some reason they decided to change the trigger to a narrow and smooth face. Many of us who cut our teeth on the old 700 don't care for the new version. The X-mark also does not take well to adjustments. My 700 shipped with an X-Mark. The pull was over 5 lbs. I adjusted it to 3 lbs. but the trigger would not keep a consistent pull. Many other shooters have reported the same issue.

If your rifle comes with a X-Mark or your factory trigger is experiencing issues, then the Timney is a great option. Remington does not authorize it's factory armorer's to adjust the trigger assembly on the 700. So for those professionals who would like a better trigger pull, replacing their factory trigger with the Timney may be a viable option.

I will update this as we get some rounds downrange and some dirt and water into this trigger. THAT is the true test of a tactical trigger and where many other "match" triggers fail.


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