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2012 Home Page Posts

This page contains previous update posts from our hompage from 2012. If you are looking for the current home page, please click the "Home" link above.

(12.24.12) Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thank you to all of our viewers and readers who have brought us success through 2012. We are looking forward to bringing you some great original content in 2013! Be safe and "Get out and SHOOT!"

(12.22.12) Remington 700 SPS Tactical AAC-SD Review

After a considerable number of requests I have published a stand alone review of the Remington 700 SPS Tactical AAC-SD. This rifle has been the base for our "Budget Precision" build for some time, but we had not taken the time to consolidate our experience into a review of the rifle as it came "out of the box". Hopefully this will satisfy our readers requests. (read more)

(12.20.12) Lifeproof iPhone Case

Enter the Lifeproof iPhone case. This case was slim, slick enough to slide in and out of pockets and best of all, waterproof. Not just rain/splash resistant. This case is actually waterproof. You can operate the buttons, take photos and videos while the phone is completely submerged. (read more)

(12.18.12) Silencerco 5.56 Saker

Press Release: "The Silencerco Saker 5.56 represents years of Research and development, with tens of thousands of rounds expended. No effort and no expenses were spared in an effort to bring the finest centerfire rifle suppressor in the world out of R&D and into reality. " (read more)

(12.07.12) Bushnell Elite Tactical XRS 4.5-30x50mm

It seems that Bushnell was not content to enjoy the popularity of the HDMR. Taking the winning combination they went to work a new model appropriately named the XRS (extreme range rifle scope). The XRS retains the same family resemblance as the HDMR and the other “Elite Tactical” rifle scopes, but again ups the ante. (read more)

(11.01.12) Cascadia Armament Design QD Sling Plates

We recently had a chance to take a look at the QD Sling Plates from Cascadia Armament Design. These plates replace the footman's loops on the Magpul PRS stocks. They install quickly, easily and add the ability to attach a push button swivel equipped sling to your Magpul PRS. Watch as we install them on our Mega Arms MATEN Project. (click here)

(10.04.12) Butler Creek releases new Tactical Flip Caps

Almost everyone who has used plastic flip up scope caps has experienced a failure at some point. Sometimes it's the spring giving up, but usually it's a crack through the hinge that tears the cap from the body. There is no way to repair this and junking the cap it your only option. The Butler Creek brand is owned by Bushnell Outdoor Products. The guys at Bushnell have been listening to our gripes about the Butler Creek caps and have produces a solution. The Butler Creek "Tactical" One Piece Flip-Cap scope covers. These are molded of a tuff rubber with a living hinge design. There are no pieces to come off and the ocular and objective caps are the same design. No more bright red button. We just installed a set on our Elite Tactical 3200 10x scope for a review. Initial impressions are that these are just what the doctor ordered for those guys who are busting caps on a regular basis.

(06.20.12) Drake and Associates Stalker Gen 2

Yesterday was our initial live fire evaluation of the Drake and Associates, Stalker Gen 2 weapon system. The Stalker is built on a Rangemaster RPA action set in a Cadex chassis. It is proving to be an extremely accurate and compact platform. We are working on the full write up and video, but until we are done be sure to checkout Drake and Associates Website for details.

(06.13.12) Mail Call Mondays Reloading Special!

You guys have asked for it (over and over and over) so now we are going to deliver. Starting 06.18.12 we will be covering "Tactical Rifle Reloading". We will start with brass preparation. Then cover load selection and workup, bullet seating, etc. I want to make sure our viewers understand what they are getting. We will be covering reloading specifically for Tactical Rifles. This is not reloading for Benchrest Rifles. We will explain some of the differences as we go along. Hopefully it will be useful to the majority of you and demonstrate how easy it really is to produce accurate ammunition for less than store bought, and tailored to your needs. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to be notified when new episodes are posted.

(06.13.12) LED Lenser M7R

The LED Lenser M7R is a rechargeable LED flashlight with several unique features. It's is a great option for anyone who uses a flashlight on a daily basis. (read more)

(06.12.12) Leatherman MUT Review

Leatherman Group was kind enough to let us review their MUT multi tool. This is a "must have" for anyone running their M4/M16 platform hard. It is also an excellent option for repairing those common issues like scope mounts loosening up or screws backing out. It has a number of features that will help you to keep your weapon up and running and more. (read more)

(06.11.12) Mail Call Mondays!

Check out our YouTube Channel for more videos.

(04.20.12) Remington 700 Bolt Field Strip

Ever wonder how to tear down your Remington 700 bolt without fancy tools. If you watch our Mail Call Mondays show you would have seen it. However for those of you who haven't caught the show yet, we broke it out into it's own video.

(04.03.12) BOBRO / SWFA Precision Optic 30mm Mount Review Test

In our quest for the best performing QD mount, we put the BOBRO 30mm Slightly Forward mount to the test.

(03.02.12) B&T Accu-Shot Monopod Review

Monopod vs. Rear Bag is a pretty common question we here. While reviewing the Accu-Shot Monopod from B&T Industries we decided to give our take on the strengths of each one. Check out our YouTube Channel for more videos.

(02.13.12) Budget Precision Project Update

We have updated the "Budget Precision" project page. We are finishing the stock upgrade portion and in the planning stages for the magazine system installation. The stock is at Bell & Carlson getting inletted for the Surgeon Magazine System. When it returns we will get the next installment and video episode done. Thanks to all of you who have stuck with us through this project and a HUGE thanks to the manufacturers who have supported us. Black Hills Ammunition, Bell & Carlson and Surgeon Rifles have been instrumental in keeping this project rolling. Make sure you check out the video episodes accompanying the web updates.

(02.12.12) Remington M24-Rebuild Program

Have you ever wanted to own a real, issued M24 Sniper Rifle? Now you "almost" can. The US Army is turning over a quantity of their old M24 rifles to Remington. Remington is replacing the old barrels and actions with new components then offering the complete package with all original M24 parts and accessories. The program is setup in tiers. The first rifles will be available only to US Military Service members who have graduated from a US Military Sniper School. After six months the sales will be opened up to active duty military then military retirees and finally law enforcement officers. There does not appear to be any general public sales in the future, but I anticipate that the rifles will be gone before the orders from all tiers are filled. Check the Remington Defense M24-R website for more details.

(02.09.12) KMW Pod-Loc Installation and Review

If you look closely at the bipods used by professionals, you may notice a little lever hanging off the back of them. For many years Terry Cross at KWM Long Range Solutions has been supplying police and military snipers with a great little product. (read more)

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