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2009 Home Page Posts

This page contains previous update posts from our hompage from 2009. If you are looking for the current home page, please click the "Home" link above.

(12.04.09) Lindy's Articles

Linden B. (Lindy) Sisk was kind enough to allow me to publish several of his articles here. Lindy is much better than I am at presenting the math that supports some of our shooting. Put on your thinking caps, grab a cup of Joe and enjoy.

(11.30.09) Magnification

The Question is asked often, "How much magnification do I need for shooting at xxxx yards?"

This is a difficult question to answer. Many equipment choices hinge on what type of shooting you partake in. The choice a tactical shooter makes will not necessarily be the same as a benchrest shooter. The accuracy requirements are not the same and the targets are quite a bit different. Since this website is dedicated to tactical shooting we will look at magnification requirements from that angle....(read more)


(11.12.09) Get Out and Shoot!

Too often we fall into our daily routines. We end up reading about shooting and talking about shooting. Posting on the internet about shooting becomes a daily event at least for me. When was the last time you were actually behind the rifle practicing that skill we all hold dear? It's not enough to rest on your laurels. It may be wonderful that the last time you were out you got that 800 yard, first shot hit. Maybe you got an absolutely perfect, center punched, 100 yard cold bore shot. But how long ago was it? If you are a professional shooter who uses his skills to defend the innocent, then your once a month training is not enough. If you are a recreational shooter you will see a massive difference between your skill development by just adding another session each month.

Now here is the key. You can't just show up and burn powder. Before you even get to the range, have a plan. Rolling to the range with targets and ammo and a desire to punch some holes is a fun way to blow some time. However it's unlikely that you are going to improve your skills on the gun. Think about your current level and the intended application of your skills. If you can run the ragged edge of your rifles accuracy prone from 100 yards, then why would you keep shooting prone at 100 yards? Get off the shooting mat and try sitting, kneeling, etc. If you carry a tripod, break it out and shoot off of the tripod. If you really want to have fun and challenge yourself, try some cardio before getting behind the gun. You may notice some interesting things about yourself.

No matter what, CHALLENGE YOURSELF! Don't fall into a shooting routine. There are some things that you need to do every time you go to the square range. There are other things that should change every time. I make it a habit to shoot a cold bore shot and one followup at 100 yards EVERY TIME I go to the 100y range. This confirms for my book and my personal knowledge that my rifle is functioning exactly as it should. If you shoot at least once a week, you can bypass the cold bore shot once in awhile and be none the worse for it. If you only go once a month, this is going to be critical data for your data book. This is doubly so as we get into the winter months and temps change drastically.

Be aware of how what you shoot AT affects how you will perform. Researchers have know for decades that police and military personnel better react to lethal threats when they trained on life like targets. When was the last time a family was held hostage by a 8.5x11" sheet of 1" dots? If you are a Police Sniper training at 100-200 yards, shoot at faces. If you are pushing it out to greater distances, shoot at your department's handgun qualification target. Blank IDPA or IPCS silhouettes are almost as bad as bulls eyes. They look nothing like a target that may kill you.

Please don't misunderstand me on this. I am not suggesting that you ALWAYS have to shoot at life like targets. Dot drills and steel have their place. For me there is nothing more enjoyable than shooting steel plates at long range. You get instant feedback. There is no wondering like with a paper target. Steel targets are easy to make reactive. Real targets are reactive. So this has some correlation to real life. Just make sure that you get some time staring through the scope at a true representation of a real face.

Shooting is an expensive undertaking. You don't have to shoot 50-100 rounds a session to be effective. It's better to go to the range with 20 rounds and a plan than 100 rounds and no idea. Stop when you become tired/distracted/irritated. If you are blowing shots and don't know why then STOP. You are not going to improve you are just going to reinforce the bad. Come back at the next session with a fresh mind and fresh attitude. Quality over Quantity. Get out and Shoot! But make it count.


(11.09.09) Match Schedule

We have added a page listing tactical matches across the country. If you are a match director and you would like to have your match listed here, please drop us an email at the address listed on the schedule page or our contact page.


(08.04.09) We're on Youtube!

It was bound to happen. We have finally caught up with the times and started a Youtube channel. Over the coming months we will be posting some videos covering marksmanship techniques and product reviews. Check it out and tell us what you think. Subscribe to our channel to get updates when we post new videos.


USO SN-3 with EREK Turret

(07.27.09) Of Mils and MOA. Which turret suits you?

We live in a wonderful time of choice when it comes to rifle optics. More and more models are hitting the shelves with features geared towards tactical shooters. This can be daunting for new shooters who are trying to make an educated choice. Today I am going to explain the two main turret options.

MOA Defined. MOA is an acronym for "Minute of Angle". This is an angular measure. There are 60 minutes to a degree and 21,600 minutes to a complete circle. Now that I have told you that, you can purge it from your memory because it really doesn't matter to us. What does matter to us, is that at 100 yards a "Minute of Angle" equals 1.047 inches. At 200 it equals 2.094". At 300 it's 3.141" and so on. Simply multiply 1.047 times the range in hundreds of yards.

MILs Defined. Mil is short for milliradian. There are 6,283.19 milliradians to a circle. One mil equals one centimeter at 100 meters. This is where the confusion frequently starts. There is nothing Metric about Milliradians. The angles just work so that it appears that way. One Mil equals 1 inch at 1000 inches, 1 yard at 1000 yards, 1mm at 100cm, etc. Notice it works with metric measurements as well as with the imperial system.

Applied to Turrets. The preference in tactical rifle scopes has been for 1/4 moa clicks. Some can be found in 1 moa, 1/2 moa and even 1/8 moa, but the majority are 1/4 moa. Previously you could only find milliradian adjustments on high end european scopes or custom built US scopes. Lately this trend has been changing Falcon Optics, IOR Valdata, and a couple others now offer a Mil option on their scopes. Most offer 0.1 Mil increments which equate to .34 MOA or 1/3 MOA clicks..... (more)


(05.11.09)An Open Note to Factory Representatives/Sale Representatives

I am putting this up here for anyone in the firearms and related equipment sales field.

If my department takes the time to schedule a demo of your firearms or equipment I implore you to make sure your gear is functional prior to your arrival. Handing me a rifle that has not been properly setup and zeroed will make me think that YOU are technically inept or your equipment is not worth the trouble. If I am demo'ing a $3000 rifle, how about a scope and rings that are on par with the rifle? How about a scope that will properly zero at 100 yards if you want me to see the accuracy of your rifle at that range? How about a scope that has been setup for the average shooter? If you wear glasses, it's not a good idea to set the ocular focus to your uncorrected vision then expect me to take the time to reset it to my eyes. How about ensuring that your system is equipped with magazines that function or a safety that works properly? My time is valuable. Wasting it will not make me want to do business with you in the future. Lastly, do not assume that because I am an end-user that you can blow smoke about what your system is capable of. If you do, I will wonder if you are exaggerating your service policies, warranty or price as well. Those of us who have been on the trigger for awhile can smell the BS and we don't like it.

If I setup a Demo it's because I want to SEE what your equipment is capable of. If I want to HEAR what it's capable of, I will save some time and just e-mail or call you. If you show up to a Demo, be prepared to put your money where your mouth is.


(04.05.09)Checkout Leatherneck Magazine for an inside look at the Marine Corps Precision Weapons Section at Quantico.

Precision Weapons: Handmade by Marines for Marines

Leatherneck Magazine Photo by R.R. Keene

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